Taiwan Matsu-based “Blue Tears” tour opens

Ever since Beihai Tunnel, in Nagan, Matsu, launched the night boating tour of “Blue Tears”, it has been popular among tourists. This year, Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau of Transportation Department announced this year’s event will be held from April 1st and October 31th, you can sign up from today.

Every year, about April to September, the ocean waters around islands in Matsu will glow in blue, people call this special scenic phenomenon as “Blue Tears”. It has attracted many “Tear Chaser” to come here watch and take photo in recent years. It has become precious tourism resources of Matsu.

There are several explanations for the reasons of “Blue Tears”. The majority of people says it was caused by the local dinoflagellate, ostracods or luminous algae, glowing due to disturbed by tides.

If you want to watch “Blue Tears” in Matsu, sometimes, it has accompanied by factors of tides, currents, wind directions and others. All has depended on luck. But inside Beihai Tunnels, even though it cannot guarantee to see it with a hundred percent certainty, it definitely has an extremely higher chance to see it than the seaside.

Maybe affected by the environmental or weather factors, this year’s “Blue Tears” in Matsu area has shown up in advance just a few days ago. Even though the observable area is not significant, it has already caused tourists’ attention.

Matsu National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau says, last year between May 19th to September 30th, the boatmen were authorized to launch night boating tour of “Blue Tears”. This trip allowed tourists to travel in the dark tunnel, bypassing waterway in the boat. The boatmen wearing night vision goggles slightly swing the oar, or when the boat moves, the blue fairies can be seen easily dancing on the water, like a scene straight out of the movie “Life of Pi”.

Tourists Bureau says, because of the popularity of last year’s event, this year the event will be launched again from April 1st to October 31st. And the boatmen replaced 3 boats used the previous year with 4 bigger new ships that can hold more seats.

Also, because when boatmen used night vision goggles last year, their eyes felt uncomfortable. This year, LED signs are used at the corner of tunnels. The night vision goggles will be no longer used. But the safety will not be compromised. Once the accident happens, boatmen will blow up the whistle. Ask other staff to open the light, and wait for follow-ups.

Tourists Bureau says this year’s event will be by appointment only. The ticket prices are only NT $300. Every night from 6 to 9, 6 times a day, 48 people per each time, the total length of the tour takes about 20 minutes. The information can be found now on the official website of the Tourists Bureau to learn more about the appointment and the instruction.

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