Book Stores in China – Non-Mainstream Book Shops in China

2017 Shanghai Book Exhibition has started, which is another carnival for book lovers. Shanghai is a city filled with the aroma of books. Editor has introduced various book stores, book bars, libraries. But there are still many new places for reading. You might just easily miss the non-mainstream reading places. Do you know?

Bookstore by the Foot of Hill

Address: 3770 Sichen Road, Sheshan Town, Songjiang District

Right across the “Bookstore by the Foot of Hill” is the Phoenix Mountain, which is jointly launched by the Shanghai Jointly Publishing and Lingang Culture. It provides a variety of activities: books, movies, music, DIY, coffee and others. The bookstore is about 800 square meters, including 1 floor underground, and 3 floors above. Each floor has its corresponding “function area”. The 8 meters’ plants wall goes through the first floor and second floor. B1 level is the café and tea bar. Second floor is called the “factory of day dream”, which is designed for art exhibition and activity space. The third floor is focused on the concept of “family” and also the theme of “joy”.

(During the trial operation, you need to make reservation for visiting. Opening time in August are: 16 – 22, 26 and 27)

Yuyuan Road Historical area reading spot

Address: 919 Yuyuan Road, Changning District

This is the first residents reading spot designated in the historical area, where you can read the Yuyuan road related documents, access the traveling guide, provide convenience to the residents and travelers, cultural exchange and other public services. A heavy picture book, a heart-warming handmade map, a small exhibition hall, where you can read. There are not only books like “On the Yuyuan Road”, “How deep is the deep alley”, “That time, that house, that person”, “Alley of celebrity” and other books, picture books that are related to the Yuyuan Road. There are also the work of famous community historical and culture celebrity, such as Ful Lei, Shi Zhecun, Qian Xuesen, Zhang Ailing and others.

Mint Flavored Bookstore

Address: 205 Nima Village, Zhujiajiao Town, Qingpu District

Here are called by many people as the “most beautiful bookstore of the farmhouse. In the 300 square meter bookstore, the wooden bookshelves have taken 3 wall. The wooden floor, long coffee table covered by blue cloth, and unpainted ceilings, which all tell the different type of beauty. Through the big window, the backyard is filled with selves for the crops and plants. Cats are enjoying the sun. You can hear the sound of the wind chimes. Outside the half-closed door, the hundred mu farmlands are not far away. There are 10,000 books in the bookstore. These book are not old books covered in dust as you might imagine. They are all popular books. There are some small toys on the selves. It is told that if children are here, they can take the toy if they like.

Old House Art Center

Address: Jia, 393 Wukang Road, Xuhui Distirct

The modern building on 393 Wukang Road was built in 30s last century. There is a nameplate hangs on the front gate, writing “Old Residence of Huang Xing”. Now, it is the tourism center for Wukang Road, Xuhui Old House Art Center, which open throughout the year. Tourists can enter the old house for free, have a look at this unique building, browse the picture and the classical architecture models of the old houses in Xuhui, and listen to the traveling information. Most important is in the corner of the center, there is a reading corner, where you can read quietly.

JW Marriot Hotel Library

Address: 60th floor, Tomorrow Square, East Nanjing Road 399, Huangpu District

The library “floats” in the 230.9-meter high in the sky has won the Guinness World Record for its “Highest Library”. Currently, there are more than 2,000 printing books collection, including classic Chinese books, architecture, philosophy, history, art and art history, classic and modern literature books, and also some thread-bound Chinese book, which you cannot find in the market anymore. The three-wall of the library are all blocked by the bookshelves. Only one side is open for the entering. Behind the bookshelves, there is a hidden door, which will lead to the patio. Unfortunately, the library only open to the guests stay at the hotel.

Sanlitang Bookstore

Address: next to the Old Residence of Chenyun, Guzhen old street, Qingpu District

Sanlitang Bookstore is next to the Chenyun Residence. The green tiles and white walls is the classical beauty that are given by the old town, attracting tourists to visit. The bookstore has collected and exhibited books and movie documents on Chenyun. Tourists can sit in the elegant and classic main room, reading the book you like, or taste the tea, and enjoy the afternoon time. There is a cat in the Sanlitang Bookstore, which is popular on the internet and loved by many readers. The cat raised in the bookstore, must has a lot of knowledge.

Yuyue Book Bar

Address: 3 Jinshanzui Old Street, Jinshan District

The book bar is divided into two floors, combining library, bookstore and tea house. It provides approximately a thousand books for tourists to read. People can read fashion magazine, trendy novel while drinking tea and chatting and relaxing themselves in the music. Here, tourists can also purchase souvenirs, such as postcard, handmade cookies, notebooks, and others which are popular.

Wuliqiao Community Cultural Center Library

Address: 600 East Longhua Road, Huangpu District

The traditional community cultural center has installed the “fashionable core” – 5,500 square meters center has several themed classroom, calligraphy and painting, photography, computer and others. There are even 3 theaters inside. The library in the center has 460 square meters and a collection of 35,000 books. The most worth mentioning is this study room. You know from the picture that the interior is great. Even though the space is not big. But, it allow you to be concentrated in the books.

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