The bourgeoisie’s trip in Taipei

When you talk about Taipei, most people would think about famous attractions like Taipei 101, the palace Museum, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and others. However, to me, the warmness and friendliness of people in Taipei and the lives of the ordinary Taiwanese families are concentrated in those streets and alleys. If you have the time to look at Taipei in detail, then I suggest you to go to the Jianhua Holiday Flower Market, where you can observe the ordinary weekend of the people in Taipei. When you go to the Kangqinglong community, it is just for the iced mango smoothies. Go visit the second hand book stores, to experience the atmosphere of culture, finding something called the “life of bourgeoisie” in every corner of Taipei.

  1. The Jianguo Holiday Flower Market

Located at the crossroad of North Jianguo Road with Ren’ai Road and Xinyi Road, the market has two exists on Xinyi road and Ren’ai Road. Between East Heping Road and Xiyi Road, there is a Jianguo Holiday Jade Market, opposite to the flower market. They are adjacent to the Da’an Forest Park. There is a viaduct here. Normally, the cars can drive under the bridge. By the weekend, it turns into the flower market. Because the location of the Jianguo Holiday market is close to downtown, the transportation is very convenient, where you can take metro or bus to get here directly. It is quite crowded during the holiday.

  1. Da’an Forest Park

Da’an Park is short for Da’an Forest Park. When you walk out of the Jianguo Holiday Flower Market, you will be facing this park. The whole park is divided into: bamboo area, banyan area, fragrant flower, aquatic plant area, ribbon forest area, pool area, outdoor music performance platform, children’s play zone. When it was built initially, the park is the largest one in Taipei. During the weekend, the park is really busy.

  1. 8% ice

8% ice is the chain store that sells Italian handmade ice cream. It is famous for its commitment of controlling the percentage of fat under 8%. It freezes varied fruits into the juice in a fast way that not only make the ice cream delicious, but also lower the fat. For women who loves ice cream but afraid of gaining weight, they should not miss this.

  1. Smoothies

Smoothies is located at No. 15 of Yongkang road. This is famous due to the legendary iced mango smoothies, which tastes really soft. Many people come here for the fame. Once you so the waiting lines at the store, you will know the popularity of here, no matter you are tourists or the Taipei people that are passing by.

  1. James Kitchen

Walking along the Yongkang Road, you will see the famous James Kitchen when you reach no. 65. It is said many celebrities are here for the private cuisine of Hakka. The second floor is decorated in Japanese style with a strong sense of nostalgia. The store is small, but the owner is very friendly. The braised pork rice is really good.

  1. 87 of Yongkang Road

If you continue walk a few steps on the Yongkang Road after getting out of James Kitchen is the No. 87 Yongkang Road. There is a store selling second hand books and old stuff. To be honest, I didn’t find the name of the store. Only because the stuffs sold her looks old but stylish. Even though it seems chaotic, it is super clean. This store often appears on the magazine. You might have passed this store, but it is easily being ignored.

  1. Qingtian 76

Turning left when you reached Chaozhou street, then you will see Qingtian street. Walking across the no. 6 alley of Qingtian street, you will find the no. 7 alley of Qingtian street. Here is the Qingtian 76. It is a theater located on Qingtian street with the architectural feature during the Japanese colonized era. No matter the structure of the courtyard or the decoration inside the theater, they all have witness the history of a generation. Inside, it is now a tea house and a restaurant. Also, you can find a souvenir store here. As the former residences of Ma Tingying, this tiny house has now become the landmark for the bourgeoisie in Taipei.

  1. Wistaria Tea House

The Wistaria Tea House is located in No.1 of South Xinsheng Road Sec. 3, No.16 alley. The building where the Wistaria Tea House is in now has a history of more than 80 years. The tea house got the name because of the 3 wistaria trees in front of the house. Because the building of the 2-storey Japanese old house is covered by the trees, therefore, you cannot even tell where the tea house is at the gate. The Japanese room, tatami, bamboo curtain, all have witnessed the era of the Japanese colonize. Take a sip of the oriental beauty tea, you will feel free and comfortable. First time experience traditional tea ceremony in such a quiet place making us a little feel a little bit awkward, but the waiters are very nice. During the tea ceremony, many tea products are introduced and how to brew tea properly are taught too.

  1. Jasmine second hand bookstore

B1, No. 222, East Heping Road, Sec. 1. The sign is very small, it is easily getting missed. The second hand bookstore is a big feature of the Kangqinglong community and the Gongguan Business District. Because it is located between Taiwan University and Taiwan Normal University, therefore, the second hand bookstore is loved by students. Of course, my companion and I bought some books too. The reason is simple, one for the experience, another because the new book is really expensive in Taiwan.

  1. The Night Market at the Taiwan Normal University

Started at the Jasmine Second Hand Bookstore, walk toward the west on East Heping Road, then you will find Shida Road. Once you walk into the Shida Road, you will see the night market. The Night Market is famous because it’s right next to the Taiwan Normal University. Because the main customer is the college students, therefore, there are many kinds of snacks here. The price is appropriate. Compare to the Shiling Night Market, here is less crowded and easy to look around.

  1. Roosevelt Road

Walk straight on the Shida Road, then it is the Roosevelt Road. The whole road is very busy. It is next to the Taiwan University, thus a lot of featured bookstores or individual bookstores are attracted to this business district, either in the alley or the second or underground floor of the building. When you spend a few days in Taiwan, you will realize it is different to shop in Taipei and Shanghai. In Shanghai, you will shop in the department store, but in Taipei, it is the real shopping. By the both sides of the street are the small stores, many specialized brands are gathered here. Plus, the food stalls in the night market, making the business street more diversified. Comparing to the department store, these streets seem more warm and friendly.

  1. Taiwan University

Following the Roosevelt Road to the Sec. 4 No. 1, then it is the Taiwan University. How could you miss it? I always feel like the best university in the city has the cultural essence of the city. Therefore, every city I go, I like to go the campus. The biggest different of Taiwan University compares to others is the university does not have walls. The open styled campus will get him more close to the locals to the city. The gate is not as gorgeous as Shanghai University. There will be no security checking your ID. Such a university, which does not look like university, has become the “spirit” of Taiwan.

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