Chinese Internet users show support for boy with cancer

Recently, many Chines Internet users posted pictures of holding banners on the Great Wall to support the American boy diagnosed with tumor. The 8-year old boy Dorian was diagnosed as having Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare type of cancer that has only 20% chance of cure rate. In December, as Dorian’s parents were told that his cancer is unlikely to be cured, they decided to stop receiving chemotherapy and let Dorian spend his last days with his families and let him enjoy his life.

In January 5th, Dorian had his 8th birthday, he said to his dad Chris: “I really want to see the big bridge in China that many people walk upon before I go to heaven.” Dorian meant the Great Wall. His father posted a message on Facebook, asking internet users to make his son’s wish come true:” of you know anyone in China… please ask them to take a picture on the great wall with the sign #D-STRONG for Dorian. I know this is a lot to ask, but I want Dorian to know that he would become “famous” in the world. Thank you all for your support.”

Dorian’s story became sensational on the internet, many Chinese were moved by the boy’s little wish immediately, Dorian’s father received countless pictures on Facebook in which people holding banners that wrote “D-STRONG”and encouraging word for Dorian on the Great Wall and many other places in China. A kindergarten in Beijing organized children to climb the Great Wall and take pictures in which their banners say “ Dear Dorian, all of the children here love you!” People all over China also sent pictures taken in their hometown with supporting banners and videos of encouragement to Dorian.

Dorian’s father Chris was overwhelmed by such warm supports from social media and people all over the world, he wrote on Facebook:” I am speechless! All I can say is Thank You, ‘D-STRONG’is not just a has tag, it has become a global movement! Dorian brings inspiration to people all over the world, I am incredibly proud of my son.” Dorian himself was interviewed by local media, when asked about his feeling, he responded:” They all say that I should keep fighting, they trust me, I am so happy that so many people are supporting me.”

As of January14th,the has tag topic of #D-STRONG has been viewed by more than 7 million Chinese internet users on Sina Weibo, one of them wrote: “D-Strong, you have become really famous in China, I hope that one day you can come to visit the Great Wall yourself.” What’s more, this movement has spread to other parts of the world, according to reports from the United States, Dorian has received supporting pictures from Italy, Brazil, Germany and Australia, Dorian’s story has caught global attention and universal support.

Dorian’s families told the press that he has to take pain killers to maintain daily activities, but Dorian is in good spirit “ he is brave and he looks like a normal 8-year old boy… he likes the Pokémon and the latest movies. Dorian’s parents said that they wish their son could have spend the next few weeks happily, and they hope that Dorian’s story can make people in the world care more about children with cancer.

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