Grand opening of the Retro palace styled brewery taking place in Nantou

People who are interested in acholic beverage need to pay attention now! The brewery themed tourist factory – “Cai’s brewery” has become the new tourist attraction in Nantou. Beside the palace styled architecture is very breathtaking. It has reproduced the British street in the old industrial era. There is detailed introduction on the relevant knowledge. So the tourists can learn more about the brewery in addition to picture taking.

The first floor of the total three-storey “Cai’s Brewery” is built into an open-air hall. If you go to the room next door, there is an exclusive restaurant, where sells freshly made bear, fried snacks and others. The wooden elements are frequently used in decoration, giving people a strong sense of nostalgic atmosphere. People feel like they are in the little bar in the old West Cowboy movie.

The second floor is designed for photo taking. The whole store wall on the side of the stoned corridor has not only applied a lot of retro element, but also used a varied color. The design makes people feel like walking in the mysterious whirlpool that take you through the time. Then you arrive at the British street in the old industrial era. If you look close, you can find several stores have cute mascot hidden inside. It is now hot picture taking spots.

The third floor is the story museum, where professional knowledge is introduced. The overall theme is still European styled design. Tourists can get to know the beer and brewery deeper through the carefully designed layout by the owner. Such as the picture frame, three-dimensional puzzle book, and others. There is also a golden brewery tool exhibition here. Tourists can also touch the raw materials. This is a lot of fun.

In the last, it is the most favorite places for young people – souvenir store. The souvenir short sleeve T-shirt, beer glass, coasters, mascot folders and other small stuffs. If you don’t have discount ticket after entering, you can still use the ticket to exchange a freshly made sweet alcohol-free drinks. Such a fun place, where you can have fun and broaden your knowledge, what are you waiting for? Come and join the group!

Cai brewery

Address: No. 1146 Bishan Road, Caotun county, Natou

Operating hours: weekday 13:00 – 23:30

Holiday 10:00 – 23:30

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