“Taipei, the city of design” travel brochure given out for free

The Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government, has launched a series cultural promotion events based on design and travel – “Taipei, the city of design”, including a brochure and 2 types of map page. The event aims to invite people to join a depth designed trip, to understand the view presented by the city and to enjoy the scenery of Taipei’s design.

Taipei Design Trip: 6 main attractions and 12 travel route

“Taipei, the city of design” is divided into 6 main themes: “Architecture”, “Shopping trend”, “Original Sense”, “Old House”, “Handcraft” and “Living in Design”. The brochure has introduced 70 designed attractions and creative stores, presenting the promoting efforts in becoming the world city of design. It has recorded the designing power of Taipei, by which shows people the architecture space, old house, special hostel and featured stores. So, people can experience the charm of design at a close range. Each theme has arranged a guide to share the idea of the theme and shows people the beauty of the design in Taipei from different angles.

“Architecture”: Dadaocheng street area, Taipei Modern Arts Museums, Cheng’enmen and others, it visites the historical street and featured architecture and understand every tiny details of the development of the city’s history, culture and art. “Shopping Trend”: Mushroom, Tools to Liveby and Pinmo Pure Store, from the special taste of the owners’ selections of commodities, you can feel the temperature of living through the small products. “Original Sense”: Xiaoqi Cafeteria, VVG Hideaway and Zenzoo Taipei, from the efforts in the space, kitchen utensils, and food, you can feel the beauty of the people and things that are living on this land. “Old House”” from the attitude towards the old architecture, you can see the surprise in the process of new replacing old in the city. “Handcraft”: Rixing Type Foundry, In Blooom and Grass Hill Jewelry, from the handcrafted arts, you can find the little fun in the life. “Living in Design”, Play Design Hotel, Eslite Hotel, and Amba Taipei, the designed hotel is the mix of the tradition and modern, nostalgia and fashion. Here, you can discover the other side of the city and experience a different accommodation.

Additionally, 12 different themed traveling routes, including “Dadaocheng”, “Dihua street”, “Bopiliao”, “Ximen Business District”, “Baozangyan”, “Songshan Cultural Creative Park”, “Zhongshan Shuanglian street”, “Expo Park”, “Huashan 1914 Culture Creative Industrial Park”, “Yongkang Street”, “Xinyi Business District” and “Fujing Street”. Covered with all the design and creative spots in the area and combined with the local tourist attractions and recommended transportation, it has connected the interesting featured routes. Also, the 12 routes have included the public art works in Taipei Metro. It is highly recommended that the tourists can slow down and pay attention to the surprises everywhere.

“Taipei, the city of design” brochure

The brochure has recorded the magnificent designing power of Taipei, presenting people the architecture, old house,

Promoting tourism with design, feeling the magnificent designing energy of Taipei

“Taipei, the city of design” has versions in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. It hopes to promote Taipei’s tourism to the international stage from the designing perspective. Different to the traditional model of city tourism, it aims to bring the tourists from both domestic and abroad to travel in Taipei in the sense of design.

Besides the broacher, “Taipei, the city of design” has also came with 2 map pages, including the 12 designed traveling routes and the tourists’ information of Taipei. The size is smaller and lighter than the brochure, which is easy to carry.

Follow the arrangement of the “Taipei, the city of design”, you can plan a trip from one to 3 days. You can choose several designed routes, or you can choose the attractions with the theme you like. In a good mood, you can travel lightly and have an aesthetic trip in Taipei. From visiting the different designing space and creative attractions in Taipei, it can enhance the knowledge and understanding of the application of design, increase sense of belonging to the city, and feel the incomparable of the designing power.

“Taipei, the City of Design” give out for free

From May, the brochure “Taipei, the city of design” and two types of map pages are giving out for free. People can get it from the different tourist service centers in Taipei and some of the art museums (including Huashan Culture Creative Park, Songyu Culture Creative Park, Taipei Art Museum, Taipei Modern Art Museums, Ximen Red House and Spot Taipei). Each person is limited to have one copy. The brochures are given at a limited quantity.

Taipei, the city of design

Package: 1 brochure and 2 map pages

Language: Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean

Publisher: The Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government

Location: tourist service centers in Taipei and some of the art museums

(Chinese version is giving out from today, the English version will be released later in May)

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