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Super 8 Beijing Lotus Hotel is located in the NO. 29 Xisi North Qi Tiao, Xicheng. It used to be the Mansion of the Duke. Sixi North Qi Tiao was once called “Taininghou Hutong”, which is named by the name of the Taining Duke Chen Gui. You can imagine how big and how grand the mansion is. Now, every table and every chair in the hotel all shows the magnificent of the past. So guests can experience the life in the mansion.

The hotel combined fashionable element into the traditional Siheyuan. Even though the hotel still used the most representative traditional color of red, the design is simple, lively and fashionable. The courtyard in the middle is planted with trees. Sitting here, drinking tea and chatting, how cozy is this.

Another name of this branch of Super 9 is “Lotus Siheyuan Hotel”. Of course, the role of lotus is indispensable in the hotel. You wouldn’t imagine that you could shoot such a pretty lotus in the hotel.

Retail price: CNY 308 – 688 (Price is only for reference)

Sanlitun Yoyo Hotel is located in the North Sanlitun bar street. It is connected to the 8 floor of the Yunnan Restaurant. It is 10 minutes walking distance to the line 10 Tuanjiehu station, the location is very good.

Even though the location is in the busy Sanlitun area, the overall feeling of Yoyo hotel is quiet. The hotel rooms are design with a Japanese style. The lighting effect in the hallway gives people a warm feeling. Even though the room is not very big, it is comfortable to live.

Yoyo hotel has various type pf guest rooms. All the guests can enjoy a good quality sleep with the aromatherapy and comfortable duvet. You can be your own lighting designer to control the brightness and darkness of the room. The restaurant in the hotel offers the famous trendy Yunnan Cuisine, providing guests delicious food and drinks. Hotels provide complete service and unique enjoyment for businessmen, tourists, and small scaled events.

Retail price: CNY 369-429 (Price is only for reference)

Ibis Hotel is the budget hotel brand under the French hotel Management Group AccorHotels. Ever since it opened its first hotel in 1974, Ibis is known globally for its high quality services and competitive price. The concept of Ibis hotel is based on one international standard, which is providing modern hotel services based on the best local price. Ibis has rapidly expanded to become the leader of the European Budget Hotel and the Top 4 Global hotel chains. The 102,000 guest rooms of the 861 hotels have covered 45 countries and regions.

Well-designed bedroom

The Ibis hotel provides reliable standard bedroom for guests. The guest rooms are well designed, equipped with bathroom function, and fully equipped in order to satisfy the simple expectation of every guests: the best sleep guaranteed in the comfortable room.

8 hour breakfast service without break

04:00 – 6:30 Early Breakfast: for busy businessmen or early riser

6:30 – 10:00 Breakfast Buffet: nutritional balanced, rich variety to satisfy the different guests

10:00 – 12:00 Late Breakfast: to meet the need of guests who get up late

“15 Satisfaction Guarantee”

“15 Satisfaction Guarantee” shows the promise Ibis made in term of quality. For any liability issues raised during the time of stay, Ibis team promises to provide solution in less than 15 minutes all the day. If they could not offer solution, guests will receive invite to stay for free.

Ibis location in Beijing

Beijing Sanyuanqiao Ibis Hotel

Retail Price: CNY 429/night (Price is only for reference)

Hanting Hotel (Houhai): leisure in the Hutong

The most attractiveness of Beijing Hanting Hotel Houhai is its location, which is located in No. 33 Ju’er Hutong, Dongcheng District. If you travel to Beijing, this hotel is highly recommended. In the Ju’er Hutong, you can feel the slightly view of the turbulent times in the TV shows and movies. Ju’er Hutong is next to the Nanluoguxiang,

The two-storey building is clean and harmony. Once you enter the lobby, the server will take over your luggage to the front desk. “Welcome Sir, do you have reservation?” The warm and active, standard service, soft Beijing dialect will make you feel very comfortable.

The Hanting Hotel houhai has separate security door, and fire door, leaving guests a deep impression. Even though the room is relatively small, the design is clever. By the bedside is the glass bathroom. Even the restroom is made of glass, making the room bright and transparent.

The price is affordable. No matter its facility or service is very good. They have a good sense of service, which is very rare. Even though it is far away from the subway, it is very close to the Nanlouguxiang, which is the key point. If you want to visit Hutong, this is the best choice.

Retail Price: CNY 259/night (Price is only for reference)

Surrounding Attractions: Nanluoguxiang, Shichahai, Drum Tower

Class Hotel (Yansha Class Hotel Beijing) is located in Yansha business district, the second embassy district, the intersection of the International Exhibition Center. The transportation is very convenient. Even though the hotel is not located in the bustling downtown, it is close to the airport highway, which is very convenient to the people who want to catch the flight.

The Class Hotel is a half apartment hotel. The room is big. The bathroom is very clean, especially the shower head. The pillows are soft, the service is good and warm Also, the guest rooms provide small fridge, which is rare in the non-five-star hotels in downtown.

Retail price: CNY 433-693/night (Price is only for reference)

Tang Yue Hotel is the best budget hotel combined with good location and design of history and modern. Once you see the front of the hotel, you will know it is an extraordinary hotel. The traditional two-storey old building is covered with “Metal Clothing” with carve pattern. The interior of the hotel is filled with dazzling modern elements. The honeycomb shaped wall, bright stripe wall decoration, the room composed of mosaic and abstract patterns all makes the guests feel like traveling between ancient and modern time.

Causal, sometimes make us lost ourselves, but it may lead us to miracle. The characteristic of temporary residence allow personality, people can feel curiosity and passion in short time. The traditional culture is endless resource, connecting a variety of three-dimensional artistic designs to create a strong and shock space. This is Tang Yue Hotel want to express.

Location: Beijing Tang Yue Hotel is a budget hotel located in Wangfujing Central Area, surrounded by tourism attraction. It is very convenient to shopping and visiting. You can walk in 2 minutes in the Dongmen of the Forbidden City. The hotel is close to Wangfujing Shopping Street, Dongdan Night Market, and famous Catholic Church. It is only 3 minutes driving to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. The transportation is very convenient.

Retail Price: CNY 580 – 680/night (Price is only for reference)

Orange Hotel: Concise but not simple

The brand inspiration comes from the Orange County from the California, which is also the famous affluent neighborhood. Drive from the city center of Los Angeles to the coast, you will find a sunny, beautiful scenery beaches and neighborhood. This is the famous Orange County, where is the place for wealthy people. You might not find the luxury scene from the Beverly Hills. What’s more can be find here is the causal, freedom, simple, fashion and open atmosphere. The warmth orange see can be found in the popular American TV Show “The Orange County”.

The founder of the hotel once lived in a private hotel in the Orange County. Even though the hotel is small, it is filled with artistic atmosphere, including the frescoes in the corridors and the orange environmental atmosphere. Owner has provided jazz music options for guests to choose to have a good mood. Wandering on the street under the California sunshine, you can encounter the inspiration for art in a quiet environment. This experience is what the Orange Hotels want to bring to the guests: not only clean, gentle, exotic and creative.

In order to try to copy the fashion style of Orange Country to China, the investors has put a lot of efforts. The design is consistent with the American hotel style: simple and fashion. The whole orange appearance of the building makes it stand out from the outside. The interior design of the lobby, corridor, and rooms has kept the original American style. For example, the music and the fragrance in the lobby have all try to keep the same. To satisfy the need of the tourist, Orange Hotel is equipped with flat TV, free internet, 24-hr surveillance and other services to ensure the safety of the hotel.

Concise is not equal to simple

The Orange Hotel position itself as the fashion, concise global American chain hotel. Ever since Mandarin Holdings entered China, it has insisted its fashion way to distinct itself with the low star level hotels, which offers only accommodation service, and some business hotels that transformed directly from the guest houses. Orange Hotel believes concise is not equal to simple. Besides meeting the basic accommodation need, the fashionable atmosphere gives guests a good mood. Therefore, Orange Hotel is especially suitable for business travelers who care about accommodation quality and mood. The budget and reasonable price will not keep people away.

Fashion but exclude luxury

The fashion pursued by the Orange Hotel is not luxury. It is a cultural atmosphere build on convenient and comfortable. This include the orange themed lobby, corridor decorated by watercolor painting and mirrors, quiet and white bathroom, light music in the hallway, and flat screen, WiFi and other technological facilities that only equipped by part of the star leveled hotels.

Orange Hotel Guanyuanqiao

Address: No. 22 Yuyou Hutong, Xicheng District, Beijing

Tel: +10 5931 0000

Retail price: CNY 380-458/night (Price is only for reference)

Shangchao Designer Hotel: 23 rooms and 23 dreams

Shanghao Designer Hotel is a two-storey building, owns 23 guest rooms. Each guest room has unique exotic style, including new Chinese style, simple modern, low profice luxury, American countryside, mixed Southeast Asia, Japanese and other different design.

The two Chinese modern leading designer has built the first designer managed hotel, aiming to provide a different rest place for people who are busy running in the city.



Shangchao Designer Hotel uses the most economic and environmental friendly materials to create the artistic hotel that close to the fashion experts’ need. This is all because of the dream. Because the dream of Shangchao people is also the dream of every guest.

23 guest rooms have 23 moods. Shangchao uses its fashion design and expert knowledge, using their service and product to create the trend of the boutique hotel in Beijing.

Guest rooms amenities: flat TV, WiFi, domestic IP telephone, separate air conditioning, 24-hr hot water, free toiletries, separate shower, hairdryer, slippers, umbrellas, independent desk, multi-type electrical outlet.

Address: No. 12 Ciyunsi, Beijing

Tel: +10 60066620

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