Best Cafes in Qingdao for Quiet Reading Space

Cloudy or raining, doesn’t matter!

Here, chooses a café, where you can see the sea.

You can think about nothing, writing, reading book, rest, and chat …

How pretty is that~

25 Plus Café

25 plus is also 25+.

It is located on the rooftop of Haixin Building.

High-end office building, having the best sea view in Qingdao. Have a cup of coffee after work, look at the sea, how pretty is this!

Address: 25 fl, Haixin Building, Shinan District

Cost per person: 39 yuan


A cup of sea café

Some people says, no matter what season, day or night, here is always so comfortable. Free, feels like living in the outside of the world.

Address: Taipingjiao Road, Shinan District


Café Roland

Walking along the wooden walkway in the Badaguan, you will find the big courtyard in the three-floor building. Outdoor weddings are often held here. Because it is next to the sea, the romantic atmosphere arises spontaneously. If you feel tired walking around Badaguan, you might want to have a rest here.

Address: 6 Zhanshanwu Road, Shinan District (Close to Taipingjiao Raod)

Cost per person: 98 Yuan

Duya Café

The view is pretty, and many people are there. During spring and autumn, sitting outside while it is not cold or hot, the view is very pretty.

Address: 3 Zhanshanwu Road

Cost per person: 73 yuan

Café in the courtyard

House, courtyard, see

The decoration tells the elegant and taste.

The balcony on the second floor, you can enjoy the coast line of Qingdao. This remind me of the genius young man Haizi, who died early. “Facing the sea, with Spring blossom”

Address: Building 13 Jinhai Plaza, Shinan District (Close to no.1 Zencheng Road)

Cost per person: 69 yuan


Wave café

The Wave Café at the sea. Not only the name has the “wave” in it, the decoration is very trendy. Gucheng’s poem “the wish is very pure”. Wish is to go to a café by the sea and have fun.

Address: Polar Ocean World, 60 East Donghai Road, Laoshan District

Cost per person: 62 yuan

Yilang Garden

Independent house, there are many green plants in the courtyard. The seats are mostly by the window. You can see the sea. I heard the cappuccino here is very smooth. If you get tired, resting here for a little bit is a good choice.

Address: Children Activity Center South Gate, 4 Aomen Road, Shinan District

Cost per person: 47 yuan


Anlin Café

Next to the Polar Ocean World. By the door is the sea. The space is big, the tools are very professional. The baristas are very professional. It is great just sit here relax.

Address: 56-4 Business Street, Polar Ocean World, 60 East Donghai Road

Cost per person: 45 yuan

Time capsule café

“Time flow into the water, and we finally went separately”

There are many “old things” in the store, such as enamel pots, pressure mouth worm pot, army green canopy, red plastic fruit plate, wall clock, sewing machine, plastic flower, mirror… It easily makes people remember the old time, and old friend.

Address: 7 Qinyu Road, Shinan District

Cost per person: 44 yuan

Sunflower coffee bar

Sitting on the terrace, listening to the wave of the sea, imaging yourself in a desolate place, it is quite and relax. There is non-smoking zone in this place. But if you want it, you have to go there early.

Address: 16 Taiping Road, Shinan District

Cost per person: 51 yuan

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