Famous Japanese Cakes Making Headway in Taiwan

If you want to eat the master desserts, you don’t have to go travel abroad. Hi-Lal Foods have invited the famous chef from the “Patisserie Ryoura” store in Tokyo. Starting from today, till June 30th, there will be 12 classic cakes. The most expensive one is sold for 1,850 Japanese Yen, which means eating five cakes will worth the price.

The Patisserie Ryoura hidden in the street of Tokyo is the French cake store, mixed with the both advantages of Japanese techniques and French techniques. Its popularity in the dessert industry of Tokyo has been long lasting. The chef is also the author of the top seller dessert book “Patisserie Ryoura”. This time, he uses the summer fruits in Taiwan as the theme, such as Jinzan pineapple, Aiwen mango, Puli Passion fruit, Grapefruit and fascinating charming Sicilian pistachio, made into mousse cup, financier, pounds cake and others.

Owner says, in the one-month duration event, all the stores in Taiwan will launch Patisserie Ryoura themed dessert during lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. If you dine before Jun 30th, and like the fans page on facebook for Hi-Lal Foods, comments and tag one of your friends, you will be entitled to enter the sweepstakes.

The Baguette Bakery at Taipei Grand Hyatt has also worked with famous dessert chef – M.O.F. (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) Formosa. The best dessert chef in France Frank Michel, who has been awarded with top award M.O.F., worked with the French dessert chef Julien Perrinet. The dessert combined with Summer theme of the mango in Taiwan, bring the best flavor of summer. Each one sells at 1,100 yuan (7 inch).

Besides, starting June 12, the hotel also launched several desserts based on Mango, among which “Golden Coconut Tower” is inspired from the Thai mango rice, dessert chef Julien use the dessert to present the Southeast Asian style. Each one sells at 185 yuan.

Another new dessert – Mango Jasmine combined tea flavor with sweet and sour mango. The jasmine flower tea mixed with fresh cream. The crispy outside and soft insider is accompanied with tropic fruit sauce. The fresh mango is laid in the last, becoming the most creative dessert combo in this summer. Each sell at 1,050 yuan (7 inch).

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