Recommended Camping and Picnicking Parks in Beijing

Summer is here, and kids are on holiday. Taking your children out for a day, you can choose camping. A tent, a cushion, a small blanket, some cooked food, fruit, anti-mosquito stickers and also bring your kid’s water bottle. The camping can be simple.

After settled down, you can fly the kites, blow bubbles, ride bike, walk around and etc. When you are tired in the afternoon, you can drink some water, eat something and rest for a little bit. You can continue after.

Below are 6 recommended parks in Beijing that you can camp there.

  1. Olympic Forest Park

Location: 5th ring road

Ticket: free

Olympic Forest Park is the biggest oxygen bar in Beijing. There are many entrances to Olympic Forest Bar. Near each entrance, you can camp there. The east gate has lake, the west gate has the sea of sunflower (in July).

Besides, there is artificial wetland in the park.

  1. Haidian Park

Location: Wangquanhe intersection of the Northwest Fourth Ring Road

Ticket: free

Haidian Park is reconstructed on the royal garden – Changchun Garden in Kangxi years. There are still many handwritten inscriptions from the emperor Qianlong. Many green lands in the park, where you can camp. There are huge water lands in Haidian Park, where you can enjoy the lotus flowers.

  1. Chaoyang park

Location: Between northeast third ring and fourth ring

Ticket: 5 yuan. Half ticket 2.5 yuan. Children under 1.2 meter free.

Camping location: The cherry valley on the hillside lawn of Chaoyang Park

Besides, there are many entertainment facilities in the Chaoyang Park. There are professional running trails, various courts, loved by children and parents who likes sports.

There is beach festival every year in July. Children can go there to play with sand.

Chaoyang park also has pretty church and many romantic decorations. Moms who love to take picture can take as many pretty pictures as they like.

  1. Beijing Botanical Garden

Location: at the foot of Fragrant Hills。

Ticket: 10 yuan. Greenhouse 50 yuan. Student ticket half price off. Children under 1.2 meter free.

Camping location: grassland in the park

The botanical garden is also the little Wikipedia for plant, which is suitable for children and parents who are interested in knowledge of plants.

  1. Tongzhou Canal Forest park

Location: Tongzhou Bridge

Ticket: free

Camping locations: many designated camping locations in the park. Every 50 meters there is distant signs to the camping location.

Canal Forest Park is based mainly on the canal. There is beautiful water, and fruit picking areas in the summer. You can take children here to experience a day being a little farmer.

  1. Beijing International Camping Park

Location: Longwan Village, Feitai

Ticket: 50 yuan

Beijing International Camping Park is a professional camping ground. There are mobile camping cars, tent camping, wooden villas. If you come here weekend or holiday with your kid, you can stay here for a few days. The quality is very high.

Additionally, there are health club, British equestrian training base, insect museum, wine cellar, western restaurant, birds forest, elk park, all season skating rink, outdoor theater, sunlight swimming pool, youth pioneer camp, outdoor hot spring, Chinese medicine, Garden-styled nursing homes and other projects. The whole family can have fun here.

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