Must Try Food in Chengdu – Best Local Food in Chengdu

Traveling to Chengdu, besides beautiful scenes and girls, you cannot miss the food. Here, it will introduce you the top 10 food in Chengdu.

  1. Chen Mapo Tofu

Chen Mapo Tofu is named by the government as the old brand of China. It started in Qing dynasty (1862) at the Wanfuqiao in north suburb of Chengdu. It used to be called Chengxinsheng Rice Restaurant, the chef is the wife of Chen Chunfu. The tofu cooked by the wife was bright and shining. The beef is spicy, numb, crispy, soft and hot, which is very Sichuan. Soon, this dish became popular, people frequently gather here for this dish. Because some people saw the marks on her face, and started to call her “Chen Mapo Tofu”. And people started to follow and the restaurants was later named as “Chen Mapo Tofu”. In the later Qing dynasty, it has become the famous food in Chengdu.

  1. Boiled pig blood curd

70 years ago, there was a butcher Wang in the Shapingba sold the leftover meat for cheaper price. Wang’s daughter-in-law thought it was a waste, and then started to sell soup on the street. She used meat from the pig head, pork bones, and beans to boil soup, adding pig lung, intestine, ginger, pepper, cooking wine and cooked with lower fire. It tastes pretty good. Accidently, the daughter-in-law put fresh pig blood curd into the soup, and the curd makes the soup event fresh and better. By that time, the dish was created and called “boiled pig blood curd”.

  1. Couples’ lung

It is a well-known dish in Chengdu. It is said in 30s, there was a guy called Guo Chaohua, who sold cold beef lung with his wife. They cooked the dish themselves and sold it on street. Because the cold beef lung they sold was carefully made and the flavor was special, loved by people. In order to distinguish with other beef lung places, people called them “Couples’ lung”. After starting their own restaurant, the food used for the dish were even more delicate. The beef meat, heart, tongue, stomach, are used instead of beef lung alone. To keep the original flavor, the name of “Couples’ lung” is used ever since.

  1. Erjie Rabbit meat

Erjie Rabbit meat is very popular in Chengdu. The most famous one is the rabbit meat, more meat with less bone, the head of the rabbit is not added. The sauce is specially made. The “Rabbit “series have Wuxiang flavor, fried, and spicy flavor. Additionally, there is also red oil chicken, garlic meat, cold beef lung, Wuxiang pig feet and other cold dishes.

  1. Lao Cheng Huang

The Lao Cheng Huang flagship store has a variety of Guokui: minced chicken, beef, steam pork, beef lung and vegetables. Additionally, the beef tail soup is very special. Even though the Lao Cheng Huang is a tradition snack store, the transparent dining table, white wallpaper, clean and fresh, make it very fashion.

  1. Dandan Noodles

Dandan noodle is a famous food in Chengde. The noodle is made from flour. Cooked and poured with minced pork. The noodle is thin. The spicy sauce containing preserved vegetables chili oil, Sichuan pepper, making it very popular in Sichuan. The most famous one among all the Dandan noodle is Chen Baobao. It started in 1841. The name refers to a type of carrying pole that was used for street vendors to sell the dish to passers-by by walking. Nowadays, the most Dandan noodles are sold in the stores. But there are some places are sold the same way.

  1. Sichuan styled wonton

Started in the 40s of this contrary, Zhang Guangwu and other staffs from the “Nonghua tea club” have decided to open a store selling Sichuan styled wonton. Because the name is “Nong” and also because the good meaning behind the character “Long” – dragon, it is called “Long Chao Shou” (Sichuan styled wonton). The biggest character of Sichuan styled wonton is: thin skin, soft stuffing, fresh soup. The skin of the wonton is made from top rated flour with a few sauces, mixed up slowly and made them into thin layer, which is almost transparent. The stuffing is soft and smooth. The original soup was made from several parts from chicken, duck, and pig, which is white, strong and smells good.

  1. Lizhi Alley Zhong‘s Dumpling

The founder is called Zhong Shaobai. The store used to calle “Xie Sen Mao”. In 1931, it started to sell the featured dish “Zhong’s Dumpling”. The different between the dumpling and the dumplings from north part of China is that the Zhong’s dumpling uses pork without other fresh vegetables. When it served, the specially made red oil will be poured over the dumplings. The slight sweetness and salt, spicy makes it unique. The skin of the dumpling has thin skin (10 dumplings only 50 grams), ingredient (top grade flour, selected pork), soft stuffing (by using the right temperature and right amount of water), fresh (with the assistance of sauce, red oil, original soup).

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