Chengdu Summer Spots – Where to Escape the Heat

The high temperatures continue in many cities, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xi’an, Wuhan, Chengdu and other cities’ temperature is even higher than 40 degree.

Really want to find a place to freeze myself.

The Emei Mountain in Sichuan, which is less than 2 hours away from Chengdu is the best place to escape the summer. The average temperature in summer is only 20, which is called the “Natural Air-condition”.

Because the height and the geographic location, the temperature differences of the mountain top and bottom is 15 degree.

Thus in a hot summer, the Wanfo Ding and Jin Ding on the Emei Mountain, the temperature there is single digit. The hotel has the heat on, if you want to walk outside, you have to wear coat.

The fog on the Emei Mountain is heavier than other mountain area. Almost the whole year, the mountain is in the fog. People rarely see the whole view of the mountain, adding some mysteries into the mountain.

Emei Mountain has unique landscape, rich plants, and wide range of wild animals, rich natural view and the long history of Buddhist, known as the “Pretties mountain in the world” The highest peak is 3,099 meters – Wanfo Ding, the second one is 3,079.96 meters – Jin Ding.

Emei Mountain, as both the World Natural and Cultural Heritage, has the forest coverage of over 95%, extremely high level of negative oxygen, known as the “natural oxygen bar”.

Based on the evaluation of the experts from the relevant departments, the negative oxygen level is highest of the world in Qingying Pavilion, Fuhu Temple, Hongchun, Laojiu Cave, Xixiang Pool and others.

Qingying Pavilion, or Woyun Temple, come from the poem of Zuo Si: “Why need instruments, there is sound among the mountain and water.”

Qingyign Pavilion is located in the Liuxin Range, where the two rivers intersect. The height is 710 meter.

Wannian Temple is located in Guanxin Range, facing Daping, Liuxing, and others. The height is 1,020 meters. The temple was built in Dongjing, is one of the six earliest temples in Emei Mountain.

The famous poet – Li Bai once came here, and write poem about it.

The Wannian Temple in the morning doesn’t have the crowd or the smokes yet. The courtyard is quiet. You can only hear the monks chanting from fare away.

If you want, you can follow the monks schedule and live in the temple. Chanting in the morning class, meditation in the night. You can get rid of the worries, and enjoy the quietness in your hear.

On the way from Wannian Temple to Leidong Cave, the visibility is get lower.

Around Leidong Cave, surrounding area is complete white.

You will feel like stepping into the dream, giving your surprise!

The foggy clouds rising from the mountain, waving with the wind, tourists feel lost in the dream. For a moment, you might think yourself in the fairyland.

Satisfied with the visual enjoyment, the cooling experience gives your refreshes through your head.

Jin Ding, is not strange to many people.

Even though it is not the highest of Emei Mountain, Jin Ding has won more appraise than Wanfo Ding. It has become the siguarature view of Emei Mountain. Once they arrive at the top, no one won’t admire the 48-meter tall golden status.

When you are on the 3079.96 meters tall Jin Ding, no one around is taller than this one. You can see all the views from a 360 degree. You can see the other mountains far away.

On Jin ding, you can enjoy the quietness, get away from the noisy world, you can see the sky above is so blue and adorable.

If you are lucky enough, you can see the natural wonders, such as Buddist light, Saint Light, the sea of the cloud.

Wanfo Ding is the highest in Emei, total 3,099 Meters, which is the highest among the four Buddhist Mountains.

The recovered Wanfo Pavilion is spectacular and elegant. The Pavilion is 21 meters tall with four floor.

Each morning, when you see the view below, you can see the foggy cloud look like sea. Sometimes there is big wave, sometimes it is quite.

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