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In 2010, Chicago elected its first ever Asian alderman. According to recent media reports, Asians have been the fastest growing population. Since their population has been growing at a fast in Chicago, this could help lead to more representation.

The population in Chicago in total had dropped 7 percent in 2010 according to News Archive. Since the year 2000, the Asian population in Illinois grew 39 percent. Their population in the state grew more than the Hispanics did.

Lack of representation has been one of the issues Asians have been facing in Chicago. They also have been facing civil rights, immigrant rights, health disparities, and affirmative action issues. The Asian American Institute has met with legislators and community members after reviewing the census numbers to make sure these issues are worked on.

According to figures from Gold Sea, Chicago holds the eighth largest Asian American population. The total population of Chicago is 8.4 million. Of that populations Asians make up about 450,000. Chicago has been labeled as a second home for Asians.

In the city of Chicago, there has been a successful Chinatown. Near the current Chinatown, there is another successful Asian market in the city. Chinese began settling in the city in the 1870s. Most of them were railroad workers at loose ends. However many started to move out because of racism. There was a major anti-Asian movement occurring in the west coast that was out of control. This went on until the mid-1940s. In the 1940s Chinatown was developed, which was the first visible Asian community. The original Chinatown was successful enough to contain 170 restaurants. Currently the number of restaurants in Chinatown went down to 43. The reason it went down was because of different redevelopment projects that made the area downsize.

In the 1960s and 70s a new wave of immigrants arrived to Chicago. During that time period a second Chinatown was developed. The second Chinatown has been a major success. This area is majorly populated by Vietnamese Chinese people. There are many restaurants located in this current Chinatown. Many people who are not Chinese like to visit the current one. Also it is seen as tourist spot for some people. Chinatown is also an area many people like to hang out at and walk around at with their friends and different people in their family.

Chinese Connects can be a very beneficial translation service for the city of Chicago. Chicago is need of as many translation services for Chinese speaking people as possible. The higher the Chinese population, the more services needed for people who can only speak that language.

One of the many career areas it can be beneficial for in Chicago is the health care industry. The University of Chicago Medical Center is one of the hospitals that is located in the city. It is very crucial for hospitals to have a translation service. The reason is because all patients need to be able to receive the best care they can. Hospitals are a necessity for anyone in the world. Since there is a huge Chinese population in the city Chicago, there needs to be a way Chinese speakers can communicate in any place they are at, especially a hospital. One of the important aspects of this Chinese translation service is that it works quickly. It working quickly means that it can even be used when there is an emergency going on.

Restaurants in Chicago can also benefit from Chinese Connects. Chinese speakers should be able to receive what they want to order from the restaurant. Also the translation service is good for Chinese restaurants. The service can translate English to Chinese and Chinese to English. Employees who work for a restaurant that only speak Chinese can use the service to help them communicate with an English speaker.

Chinese Connects is also beneficial for schools in Chicago. There are many Chinese speakers who attend a school in that city. Not only can it just be beneficial to those who only speak Chinese, but it can also be used to teach the language in a class. Many of the high schools require students to take two years of a foreign language.

The translation service is something that can be beneficial in any career field. Chinese Connects can be used for stores as well. People in all races do shop at stores. It is important for anyone of any race to be able to receive the customer service they need when going to a store. The special translation service can be used for customers who only speak Chinese. This service can be a good use for anyone in the whole entire country. Communication is how the world runs. The service can definitely make it easier for Chinese and non-Chinese speakers to communicate.

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