Taiwan’s Defense Ministry: China’s new air defense identification zone plans for sovereignty and economic benefits

China is indeed attempting to create a new air defense identification zone over the East China Sea in an attempt to spread more control over the Diaoyutai islands as well as gain more economic benefits, according to Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense.

The Ministry on November 2 held a meeting at Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan to discuss China’s recent move of aircraft into the area stating that it signifies China is trying to expand its presence in the East China Sea and establish a new air defense identification zone in order to gain more sovereignty as well as send a signal that it does not approve of Japan and US militaries’ presence in the area, according to media reports in Taiwan

The Ministry also elaborated the East China Sea is full of rich coral, but analysts said in the report that China could benefit from many more natural resources in the area.

In response to China’s move, Taiwan’s government said it is taking necessary actions to deal with the situation. The two sides have not yet agreed to meet to engage in dialogue over the issue.

Meanwhile, US Vice President Joe Biden recently set off to Asia to discuss the issue with various officials in Asia.

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