Chinese Food Types – Delicacies in China by Territory

Some people travel to see the view, some to experience the history, some to experience the culture, some to eat the foods. Next, it will introduce the featured foods of the locals. You will definitely get full. As a food lover, you will know where to go next.

Gansu – Lanzhou Beef Noodle

Lanzhou Beef Noodle, also known as the Lanzhou Clear Soup Beef Noodle, is one of the “Top 10 Chinese Noodles”. It is the featured food in Lanzhou area. It has won many good reviews by customers all over the world because its “clear soup, well-cooked meat, and selected noodle” and “one clear, two white, three red, four green and five yellow”, one clear (soup is clear), two white (radish is white), three red (spicy oil is red), four green (cilantro, and green onion), five yellow (noodle is bright yellow). It has been rated as the one of the top 3 Chinese Fast Foods, and the name of “Top Noodles of China”.

Jiangsu – Crab Dumplings with Soup

Crab dumplings with soup is the featured snacks from Jiangsu. The ingredients to make the dumplings are selected, the stuffing are crab butter and crab meat. The soup is the original flavored chicken soup. The making procedures are very delicate. The main ingredients are crab, chicken, pork skin and flour.

Zhejiang – West Lake Vinegar Fish

West Lake Vinegar Fish is also known as “Treasures of Sister” or “Sister Song’s Fish”. It is a traditional featured local food in Hangzhou Restaurant. The West Lake Vinegar Fish usually uses grass carp. Once cooked, pour a layer of bright and smooth sugar and vinegar. The meat is soft and fresh with a little bit crab taste, sour and sweet.

Hainan – Wenchang Chicken

Wenchang chicken is the most famous featured traditional dish in Wenchang City, Hannan, ranked in the top of the big four famous dishes in Hainan. In Hainan, there is a saying that “without chicken, there is no meal”. It is the must-try food for every traveler in Hainan.

Shanxi – Daoxiao Noodle

Shanxi Daoxiao Noodle is a traditional noodle in Shanxi. It is famous because its unique flavor. The Daoxiao noodle is completed relied on the shaving with knifes. That’s also how the name come from. The noodles shaved by knife are thick in middle, and thin on the edges, which looks like the willows.

Yunnan – Guo Qiao (Cross Bridge) Rice Noodle

Guo Qiao Rice Noodle is the featured snacks in Zhennan area, Yunan, which originated from the Mengzi region. It is made from the soup, sauce, raw pork, sliced chicken, fish, and half cooked pork meat, oegopsina.

Hunan – Spicy crawfish

Spicy crawfish, or Changsha spicy crawfish, is the traditional famous food, made from crawfish. The flavor is spicy. The color is red and bright.

Guangzhou – Rice Noodle Roll

Rice noodle rolls started in Tang dynasty. Normally, the rice noodle rolls will be cut. The sesame, sweet sauce and spicy sauce will be added when eating.

Beijing – roasted duck

Roasted duck is a famous Beijing dish that known all over the world, originated from the Nanbei Period. The ingredients are selected Beijing Duck. The color is bright red, the meat is fat but not too greasy. There are two genres in Beijing Duck, the most famous Beijing Duck Restaurants are the representatives of the two genres.

Hubei – Wuhan Hot Dry Noodle

Hot Dry Noodle is the most famous food in Wuhan, whose color is yellow and oily. The taste is fresh. Because of the high calories, it can eat as main dishes to supplement the energy need by the body.

Xinjiang – Chicken in Big Plate

Chicken in big plate is known as the dessert chicken in big plate, which is the famous dish in Xinjiang. Started in later 80s of 20th century. The main ingredients are the chicken and tomato, cooked with the noodle. The bright color, the smooth and spicy chicken, soft and sweet tomato, is the best food on the dinner table.

Tianjin – Fried Cake

Fried cake is one of the 3 amazing foods, started from Qing dynasty. The fried cake uses glutinous rice as the skin, red beans and sugar as stuffing, and then fried. The shape of the fried cake is slightly smashed round ball. The color is light gold. The stuffing is dark red, which is the featured snacks in Tianjin.

Shandong – Fried Pancake

Shandong fried pancake is the featured traditional food made from flour.

Chongqing – Chongqing sour and spicy noodle

Chongqing sour and spicy noodle is widely spread traditional food. It has been the most favorite food for people in Chongqing for a long time. It is made from the sweet potato and bean. Then, use the traditional technique. The Chongqing sour and spicy noodle is chewy, spicy and improve your appetite. It is loved by people all over the country.

Inner Mongolia – Nai Pi Zi

Nai Pi Zi means the white food. It is made from fresh milk from horse, sheep, cow, and camel. And then pour it into the pot and boil it with small fire. Once the surface has formed a layer of fat. Then pick it up with chopstick and then dry it up, where the ventilation is good. The nutritious value is high.

Dongbei – Dongbei Lundun

Dongbei Lundun is known as Dishes for harvesting. It is a dish made from a variety of food, such as bean, potato, eggplant, green pepper, tomato, mushroom and others cooked with meats. Dongbei Lundun is easy to make. There are both vegetables and meat. The rich nutrition and good smell made the dish common for the families in Dongbei. The sauce requires only salt, pepper, and five-spice powder. You can also add cinnamon or others if you like.

Hong Kong – Fish Ball Noodle

Fish ball noodle are made from the Guilin rice noodle and soup made from fish and port bone, adding fish ball, beef ball, fried meat roll, fish, wonton, fried fish skin, fresh green onion. The rice noodle is smooth. Different sauce has different flavor. If you add the spicy oil, it will for sure improve your appetite.

Shaanxi – Xi’an Lamb Paomo

Lamb Paomo is a specialty of Shaanxi cuisine, especially in Xi’an. It is cooked with delicacy, the spices are strong, the meat is thoroughly cooked, fat but not greasy. Because it warms up your stomach and make you not hungry for a long time, which is loved by people in Xi’an and Northwest region. Lamb Paomo has become the general “repetitive” of the Shaanxi food.

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