Traveling in Chongqing – Recommended Areas of Travel

When you chose your accommodation in a city, there are normally two factors to consider: the first one is the price, the cheaper the better, if you don’t care about the living condition. If this is the case, then you can go check out at the train station of the bus station. Here, you can definitely the gathering places for cheap hotels. Of course, in places like Chongqing, this works for sure. If you don’t care about spending more money, and you care more about the convenience. Then, fine. You can search on the map in your phone. Inside city, or the hotels near the attractions are all good choices.

The price and the service of the accommodations in Chongqing vary largely. In the downtown, the beds for less than hundred yuan in regular hotels, or the guest rooms for over thousand yuan in five-star hotels are all available. Normally, the standard rooms in a one-star or two-star hotels: about 100 to 150 yuan. In the main districts of Chongqing, the hotels are mostly located in the areas including: Jiefangbei Area, Shapingba Area, Nan’an Area, and the Jiangbei Rea.

Jiefangbei Area:

Here is the busiest area in Chongqing, which is also the most convenient places. You can find bus stations and subway stations for many lines. Starting from here, you can go the major attraction in the downtown and Jiangbei Airport very easily. Here, you can find different level of hotels. Even though the average price is relatively expensive (the mainstream hotel chain: their standard rooms is about 250 yuan), it doesn’t affect here become the first choice for staying in Chongqing.

Nan’an Area:

It is located in the south of Yangtze River. The Nanbing Road is most popular street for foods in Chongqing. The “One Tree in Nan Mountain sightseeing platform is also located here. Staying in this area, you can not only enjoy the night view, but also give your stomach a good treat.

Shapingba Area:

It is located in the west part of Chongqing City. There are many attractions in the area, such as Gele Mountain, Bai Residence, Sanxia Square, Ciqikou Old Town, and others. Here is also where most universities are in Chongqing. It is suitable for student travelers.

Jiangbei Area:

It is located in the north part of Yangtze River. It is the newly created finance, business and trading center. If you need to catch flight early in the morning, it is better to stay in the Jiangbei Area, which is more convenient.

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