Conference Hotels Taipei – Reviews of Business Hotels in Taipei

Business travelers typically have different needs to those traveling for leisure, so the hotels that cater for them are set up a little differently. Business hotels tend to be more simpler, more minimalistic. They almost always have a fitness center and a spa of some sorts, so that professional men and women can de-stress and keep their body in shape as they work. Things like free and fast Wi-Fi are also important for a business hotel, as is parking, wake-up calls, room service and other amenities that will please hard-working single travelers. They also tend to have a lot more twin and single rooms than leisure hotels, along with a noticeable lack of family rooms.

A leisure hotel will focus on things like the view, a nice onsite restaurant, a big television and onsite entertainment facilities. The locations of these two hotel types also differ. The focus for a leisure hotel is the beach, the major shopping districts and the areas where tourists gather. For a business hotel, there is more of a focus on transport, with hotels that are located next to train stations, airports and subway stations. You are also much more likely to find a business hotel in the business or financial district, as this may be where the business travelers plan to spend most of their time.

Many cities have a mixture of these two, although the city itself, and its popularity as a business hub or a tourism destination, will dictate how many of each hotel type there are. In Taipei, there is a fairly even share, because whilst many people flock to this city to do business, helped by the Nankang Software Park and the Taipei World Trade Center, among other locations, leisure travelers also come here to sample the cuisine, visit the museums and generally enjoy what is often voted as one of the most beautiful cities in the East.

Here we will focus on business hotels, with a preference for those that also offer a little for the leisure traveller. That way even if you come to Taipei solely to do business, then you can ensure that you don’t leave without sampling at least a little of the tourist life in the city. All of the hotels listed below are highly rated on all major travel websites, and they also come highly recommended by ourselves.

The Landis Hotel

At The Landis guests can choose between a number of different rooms, depending on their budget and on their needs. If they want something inexpensive and simple, perfect for a quick business trip, then The Landis have very competitive rates on their Superior Double Rooms. These are a little smaller than the name would suggest, and at less than 300 square feet guests don’t have a great deal of space to maneuver, but there is plenty within the hotel itself to serve their needs in that department. For guests that are seeking something a little bigger, there are also Executive Suites and Corner Suites, with the latter being more than twice as big as their Superior Double Rooms.

When it comes to arranging a banquet inside The Landis, guests can take advantage of one of the Meeting Packages offered by the hotel. Here the hotel will provide you with all of the food, drink and service that you need, in the room of your choosing. The rooms include The Banquet Hall, which can cater for up to 200 people and features exquisite reproductions from The National Palace; The Matisse Suite, which is smaller, decorated in a European style and designed with cozy meals in mind; and Le Salon, which is somewhere between the other two in terms of size.

If it’s business on the menu, then head for the business center and conference room. These rooms include individual desks and computers, along with tables that sit before large screen televisions and are perfect for delivering pitches and Powerpoint demonstrations. There are printers, scanners and fax machines here, along with top-of-the-range computers.

Park Taipei Hotel

Although it is cheaper and more bare bones than The Landis, there is still a lot on offer here for business travelers. They have a huge selection of rooms to cater for any number of guests, with twin rooms, double rooms, single rooms, suites and more. Many of these rooms are fully equipped with everything you could need for a comfortable stay, and the hotel itself also has plenty to offer. As well as a fitness center, there is also a buffet-style restaurant and a bar. The hotel has pleasant and well manicured grounds, and it also has a terrace and plenty of amenities.

There are car parking spaces at the Park Taipei Hotel, and there are also banqueting facilities and a business center. If you’re here on business then you will probably make use of their meeting rooms, which come equipped with a 52 inch LCD television that can be hooked up to a laptop, so that guests can deliver pitches to a spacious room that can fit up to 30 people. There are two rooms in total, the Classic Meeting Room and the Park Meeting Room, the second of which is the bigger room, with the Classic Room offering a more intimate space. Both rooms are fitted with state-of-the-art facilities, projectors and comfortable seats.

At the Park Taipei Hotel The hotel staff will even make a packed lunch for you to take out on an excursion, and they also have a shuttle service available, along with many other services. They are a hotel that goes out of their way to accommodate their guests, which is why they offer so much. If you want something that is not listed, there is a good chance that they will be able to help, as they don’t like saying no to their guests, which is how it should be.

Taipei Fullerton Hotel

This 4 star hotel is located in the popular Da’an District, which offers plenty of culture and great food. The Fullerton Hotel is a great choice for business travelers as it is actually located in Dunnan Business Center, which makes it very popular with those doing business in this great city. Within the hotel you will find banqueting rooms for arranging dinners, award ceremonies and other such events, along with meeting rooms to arrange conference calls, presentations and pitches.

There is plenty of great food and drink on offer in the hotel, with options for Chinese and Western styles, and the rooms come with a wide range of amenities, including hot tubs in many of the rooms, a fitness center, a sauna and more. There are 100 rooms in total in this hotel, all of which cater for one to two guests each. These range from the Superior Double Rooms and Deluxe Twin Rooms, both of which are popular with short-stay business travelers, to the Fullerton Rooms and the VIP Suites, which offer a great deal more in terms of amenities, size, views and luxury, but also cost significantly more.

Not only is the Wi-Fi free here, but the parking is as well, so if you’re traveling from overseas feel free to rent a car from your trips to and from the hotel. A car might not be needed for much of your daily activities though as there is plenty to see and do within walking distance of the hotel.

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