Cycling Tours in Taipei – Where To Go Individually or in Groups

If you want to enjoy a most beautiful riverside scenery, cycling is not a bad idea. Cycling has become one of the popular leisure entertainments recently. The rental sites for Youbike have been widely set up, providing resident with convenient choices. You can plan a one-day cycling trip, starting from Gongguan alone the Xindian Creek, Tamsui River, Keelung River, you can enjoy the riverside scenery at Taipei. At the same time, you can enjoy the various featured architecture and the fascinating riverside scenery. Riding the bicycle and enjoying the fun of being alone have become the popular way of traveling.

Museum of Drinking Water

The main museum building was built in 1908. It has hundred years of history. The building uses baroque architectural style. It is a hot spot for recreation, advertisement and wedding photograph.

Machangding Memorial Park

Machangding Memorial Park, Huajing Wild Duck Nature Park and Zhongzheng Riverside Park have provided great location for residents to relax.

Huajing Wild Duck Nature Park

The wetland near the Huajiang bridge is the habitat for many migratory birds. Each year in September to the next April, thousands of migratory birds will visit here.

Dadaocheng Harbor

The Dadaocheng Harbor used to be the residency for Taiwanese plains aborigines. Late, Tong’an people immigrated to here and accelerated the development of the local economy. After the opening of the harbor in Tamsui, Dadaocheng has become the distribution center of Taipei under the governance of Liu Ming-chuan. Today, the North Yanping Road and Guide Street were used to be the center of the business.

Lin An-tai Historical House and Museum

The Lin An-tai Historical House and Museum was built in 1783. It is traditional sourthern Fujian styled courtyard. It was originally located in the South Dunhua Road. Late due to the expansion of the road, it was relocated to its current location in Binjiang Street.

Taipei Story House

It was built in 1913. It a half wood architecture that imitates the style of the British House of Tudor. The bricks are used in the first floor as the load-bearing wall. The entrance is the Ionic Order. The second floor is the wooden structure. The Gothic towers and chimney are made of brick. The curved roof top is paved with copper tile. The verdigris on it represent the trace of time. Taipei Story House has a hundred years’ history.

A cycling tour in Taipei, an intellectual journey in summer

Gongguan Station (Metro) à Museum of Drinking Waterà Guting Riverside Park à Guting Cross-bank platform à Hakka them park–. Machangting Memorial Parkà Huazhong Camping Groundà Huangjiang Wild Duck Natural Park à Dadaocheng Harborà Zhoumei Bridgeà Shuangxi Harborà Sanjiaoduà Dazhi Bridgeà Dajiahe Riverside Parkà Lin An-tai Historical House and Museumà Taipei Story Houseà Taipei Expo Park à Yuanshan Station (Metro)

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