Dairy Queen in Taipei Taiwan – Does it Treat You Right?

UnknownYes, “hot eats, cool treats” has come to Taipei to several locations, only the hot eats portion does not exist. This is ok though because we like Dairy Queen (DQ) for its ice cream and not its sub-par hot food that can be easily replaced by a number of fast food joints that are cheaper. In this article we review the three different locations DQ has in Taipei, and what you can expect from the menu.


Breeze Center (Song Gao) near VieShow

GongGuan (near National Taiwan University)

Tianmu (somewhere in the north of Taipei)

Kaoshiung (Far Eastern)

Ice Cream

The food at all the Taiwan locations is the same. Our personal favorite is the Blizzard, and the flavors M&M, Kit Kat, Brownie, Snickers, Mango and even Matcha Green tea among many more are offered. The sizes are a bit different, however. The large-size in the US is not offered (21 ounces) and instead the largest equivalent is a 16-ounce option while the smallest one is not even an option in the US. This is obviously due to the different eating patterns compared with both places.

We should also note the amount of candy/ingredients added is slightly less than what you get in the US. We suspect this is because Taiwanese generally do not like overly sweet desserts, so if you are looking for that standard taste rich in candy you will need to opt for the NT$10 additional fee for extra candy. It’s totally worth it in our opinion.

All the DQ’s offer dipped cones, waffle cones, sundaes and banana splits. And, there is even Dairy Queen Blizzard Cake! Unfortunately, the largest size is 8 inches but it is better than nothing. These come in the original Dairy Queen cake flavors as well as Brownie, Oreo etc.

DQ also serves up an assortment of shakes, smoothies, frappe and MooLatte for the thirsty, ice cream type.

Other info

DQ’s first location in Taipei arrived at Tianmu back in 2014 where there happens to be a relatively larger proportion of westerners living. The second location opened in late 2014 in Gongguan and as of early 2015 the Song Gao location began construction. We are unsure when the Kaohsiung location was established.

There is some good news for those who do not have time to head over to one of these locations. Thanks to food panda, customers can now get delivery from DQ through this platform. Delivery costs NT$59 and will ship within a certain radius depending on your location. To find out if you are even applicable you need to download the food panda app and take a look. The restaurant requires that you purchase at least NT$150 (US$5) worth of goods to meet its minimum requirement. This is even more reason why you should add extra candy to that blizzard. However, if you fall short then this is fine, as food panda will automatically add the remaining amount to bring you to that NT$150 mark.

Overall, we were patiently waiting DQ’s arrival for many years. Since ice cream is widely accepted in Taiwan this restaurant definitely has a strong chance of staying to compete with Haggan-Daaz and Cold Stone, currently two of the biggest retail chains for ice cream in Taiwan.

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