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Dallas is a city in Texas. It is one of the most popular cities in the state. As of 2013, the total population of the city was listed as 1.258 million. According to USA, the total population of Asians is at 37,261. Back in 2011, Dallas News reported that there has been a 75% increase of the Asian population in the city over the past 10 years.


Dallas is one of the cities in the United States that has been seeing a large increase in the amount of Chinese people living there. Since the Chinese population is growing at a fast in that city, this means translation services that is used in that city would have to improve. Chinese Connects is definitely a translation service that can accomplish this. Not only does it specialize in many different fields, but it works very quickly and it is easy to use. It translates English to Chinese and Chinese to English.


Chinese Connects is a translation service that can be extremely useful for many different fields. It specializes in engineering, medication, technology, professional events, and art. This company was developed in order to make communication easier for businesses in the United States and China. The translation service has also been making it easier to make the western world and China connect with each other more. This translation service has been very beneficial for the two countries in so many different ways, especially for cities with a high Chinese population. It is even beneficial for cities who do not have a high Chinese population. The reason is because more than likely at some point in the future, they will have a high Chinese population. Trading has also been increasing between the two countries. It can make the trading process go easier and better.


There is not an official Chinatown in Dallas, but however there are still a lot of Asian shops located in the city. The Chinese translation service, Chinese Connects would be perfect for many of the businesses and restaurants located in Dallas. For instance, Chinese Connects will be very beneficial for Royal China Restaurant. The service would improve communication between Chinese and non-Chinese speakers. Royal China Restaurant is one the most popular restaurants in the city. In order for any restaurant to have success, the communication system has to be good.


An Apple Store does exist in Dallas. Many people who are Chinese and who are not go to the Apple Store a lot. Since technology is one of the translation services specialties and Apple is a technology company, this would definitely be beneficial to the store. It will really work well for employees and customers of the store. Apple strives for good communication, the translation service will only improve it. Chinese Connects works very quickly and translates Chinese to English and English to Chinese. This is a service that any Apple store located in the United States could benefit heavily off of.


Best Buy is another store located in Dallas that has benefited off of Chinese Connects. Many Chinese and non-Chinese people like to buy products from that store. In order for that store and any store for that matter to have success, the communication system has to be right. All customers should be able to receive the best service they can. Not only can the translation service company help with communication between employees and customers, but it can also be beneficial for the technology products the store sells. Meaning, since technology is one of the fields it specializes in it can help the products sell more.


Insurance company offices in Dallas can also benefit from this wonderful translation service. For instance, Farmers Insurance is a popular insurance company. It is crucial that Chinese speakers who do have Farmers Insurance are able to receive the customer they need at all times. Chinese Connects will work out very well for the company because finance is one of its specialties. It will make this insurance company along with others, be able to communicate more with its Chinese speaking clients. Any insurance company should definitely use this translation service as a tool to improve their communication system.


Communication is very crucial for all businesses, no matter where they are located. It is one of the most important tools for all businesses to contain. Chinese Connects is a service that is available for anyone who needs to use it for a Chinese to English translation and vice versa. The fact it can translate both ways, it is very handy. It is a special service that will probably be around for a long time, especially for areas that has a large or growing Chinese population. The higher the Chinese population, the better the communication system has to be between Chinese speakers and non-Chinese speakers.

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