Danshui Activities – Things to Do Around Tamsui

Danshui is a city with a very old history. It is one of the cities tourist visit more frequently in the new Taipei. It is a seaside town which due to its ports was taken over by many foreign countries in the early history. Danshui, also Romanized as Tamsui, is a kind of small city north of Taipei, and lies along the Danshui River. It is a favorite destination of Taipei folks who are desperate to get out of the city center for a day or a weekend. When in Danshui some places to visit are :

Danshui Old Street
The first thing you do when you come to Danshui Is take a walk Danshui old street which is one of the most popular things one does when visiting the area. The street are filled with the culture the city has accumulated over the ages. The streets are lined with food stalls and shops of different kind. The number of food items will leave on baffled. The street has a fair set of its own unique edibles like meat fillings, braised eggs and fish crackers.

Riverbank Of Danshui
Unlike the old street the Danshui riverbank is a place filled with color. As it is on the bank of the river the amount of sea food being sold is higher. There are a number of ice cream parlors and cafes that look so stunning making it a sin not to eat at one of them.

River Cruise and Two Wharfs
When in Danshui it’s a must to go on a cruise and view the landscape. There are 2 wharfs in Danshui. One is a fisher man wharf where you can rent yachts and go out onto the ocean. On these yachts you can throw a party or even get married or just relax and enjoy the ocean noises. The lovers bridge finished construction on 14th February 2003 and in that way the bridge got the name lovers bridge. There are also a lot cafés, souvenir shops and food stall here also there is a chocolate land that will make your mouth water. The second wharf is a historic landmark. This wharf used to be a international port thus there has been a lot of conflict over it in the past. But today it exists as a historic exhibition with the warehouses and offices still intact.
Fort San Domingo
As Danshui was used heavily by European occupiers, some artifacts of those campaigns remain. Hongmao Castle or Fort San Domingo, was built by the Dutch in the 1640s. For over a span of 300 years the rule on this castle changed from one country to another. The flags of its previous occupants still perched proud on it.

Danshui has a abundance of temples. When in Danshui its highly recommended to go around these. Some of these temples are over 300 years old. One can learn a lot by simple observing these and the statues of their gods. It’s also a very popular for photography and pictures.

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