What to do in Daxi District Taoyuan

Now, it is the season for the juicy peach. It is convenient for you to purchase the peach in the market. However, if this is not enough for you, you can arrange a small tour of two days and one night in Lala mountain and purchase peach there. And you can have a deep tour into the south Taoyuan. From the two bronze statues of Chiang to the dried tofu in Daxi, the trip will be relaxing and refreshing in the summer. Especially, there are a lot of places you can spend time in south Taoyuan. The famous old street in Daxi is the must go place. You can try various flavors of dried tofu, preparing for the shopping of the souvenirs the next day. Next, you can go to the Chiang Cultural Park. Here, you can walk around slowly. You will find something differently among the bronze statues in the park.

While the day is getting dark, it is time to check in to the hotels. The Eastern hotels & Resorts Yangmei locates in the south Taoyuan is presenting itself in a European architecture style. The winding stone road makes you feel like at the corner of the street in Europe. The most famous feature in the hotel is the virgin forest that over ten thousand square feet. If you want to enjoy a bath in the forest, who says you have to go to the forest in person. During the summer vacation, the Eastern hotels & resorts Yangmei worked with the Liufu village and launched exclusive accommodation package: the hotel will provide entrance ticket to the Liufu village if tourists stay at the hotel. You can bring you kids to experience the duo fun of water and land. After finishing your breakfast, the next day, it is recommended to sign up for the eco guide tour at the hotel. The 600 thousand square feet forest and different plants. It is definitely going to give both adults and kids to experience a rich eco lesson.

Now, the shopping is going to start. The day before, you have found out which dried tofu are good. First, you go to Daxi to buy the dried tofu. You can visit the old tea factory by the way. Then, review the culture of tea drinking. Then, you drive from Jiaoban mountain in Daxi then to the Beiheng (Line 7 in Taiwan). You can visit the tourist service center in Lala mountain. If you feel that you haven’t done with shopping, there are many tourists’ factory in Meiyuan district, including the Guo Yuanyi’s cake chef museum and White wooden house brand discovery gallery.

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