Popular Vacation Spots in Taipei – Recommended Day Trips 2017

The “twin city” – Tamsui and Bali are located on the right bank and left bank of the estuary of the Tamsui River. They are the most frequently visited places for Taipei residents, where they can get close to the water and have a view of the sea. The two different styles of cities have some new changes, including the 3D painting stair in the Fuyou temple, the World Chocolate Wonderland, Wedding Dress Plaza in Bali Left Bank, canoe experience in Tamsui river by Lotus Café, giving more variety of the fun this summer.

<Recommended trip>

  1. Morning: 3D Color Painting Stairs in Fuyou Temple (3 km) à Morning: World Chocolate Wonderland (3 km) à Lunch: Yuan Tea House in Tianguang, Tamsui (14 km) à 4. Afternoon: Bali Left Bank Wedding Dress Plaza (2 km) à 5. Lotus Café


  1. Fuyou Temple: 3D Color Painting Stair, listening to the stories along the love alley (suggested stay: 1 hour)

Enter from the left alley to the gate of Fuyou Temple, then you can see the 3D color painting stair. There are color painting patterns on the stairs and both side of the wall, including the cute version of the Mazu (goddess), Guandu Bridge, Red Tower, Red Hair City, North Door Lock Wheel, carp, waterfall, cute animals (meerited, giraffe panda) and others. You can observe from up or down the stair, which gives a different picture of the view.

The color painted stair continues to the back of the Fuyou temple and connects to the stair of the rebuilt street, which is the oldest street in Tamsui. Each holiday afternoon, there are stalls for the creative market. Have you heard the song of “if you open the door of your heart, you can see the colorful spring …” This was written by the deceased physician and writer in Tamsui – Wang Changxiong. When he was young, he and his wife used to walk to the No. 14 alley in the rebuilt street. This is why the alley is called the “alley of love”.

Fuyou temple

Address: No.200 Zhongzheng Road, Tamsui, New Taipei

Tel: 02-26211731

  1. World Chocolate Wonderland, a creative, dreamy, and sweet discovery (suggested stay: 1 hour)

Located in the Fisherman’s Harbor Square, next to the Fullon Hotel, the World Chocolate Wonderland has halls for Maya, Fantasy, Fashion, Future, Love, Chocolate discovery factor, Chocolate Magic Theater, Chocolate DIY Class, Gift street, and Chocolate themed restaurants.

The Chocolate DIY allows parents and their kids or couples to make chocolate lollipop or chocolate eggs. The chocolate themed restaurant provides a variety of food, including chocolate pasta, chocolate Risotto, Chocolate salad, and various meal with chocolate sauce, Chocolate waffle, Chocolate smoothies, and others. Tourists can have a memorable trip.

World Chocolate Wonderland

Address: No. 2 Building, No. 91 Guanhai Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei

Tel: 02-2805-8269

Opening hour: Monday to Sunday 10:00 – 19:00

Website: http://chocolatewonderland.com.tw/

  1. Yuan Tea House in Tianguang, Tamsui, enjoy a dedicate food space (suggest stay: 1.5 hours)

At the door, you can see a lovely hand-made lion made from soap, there is also hand-made soap bear, deer and others. When you enter the restaurant, there is an elegant wishing pool, and a backyard with basil, incense grass, mint, wormwood grow in it. The second floor is the Yuan Tea House, the exquisite furnishing, neat and spotless is the best place for drinking tea in a quiet place. The meals provided here are light and health oriented. Some of the ingredients are from their own plants.

Address: No. 216 Zhongzheng Rd, Tamsui District, New Taipei

Tel: 02-6637-5568

Opening hour: Weekday 11:30 – 18:00 Weekend 10:30 – 21:00

Website: http://taiwansoap.com.tw/

  1. Bali Left Bank Wedding Dress Plaza, hot romantic check-in spot (suggested stay: 1 hour)

Besides walking, riding bikes and enjoy the view of the riverside in Bali Left Bank Park, the government of New Taipei has added a few constructions of wedding photo shooting, creating romance in the riverside.

The word device of “Bali” is accompanied by luxurious river view, becoming the most favorite places for tourist to take pictures. “The status of collecting all the happiness” is a heart shape made from stainless steel mirror, reflecting the shadows of the couples and the pretty river view.


  1. Lotus Café, afternoon tea and canoe tour in the river (Suggest stay: 4 hours)

The Lotus Café is located not far from the upper side of the Bali Ferry. The owner of the café Li Qingrong is the famous canoe coach and artist. Li Qingrong has completed the around island trip by himself with canoe. Lotus Café is not just a café, but also an on the water activity base for coach Li.

He said, the view of both sides of Tamsui can be seen on the canoe. You can get into the deep of the mangrove ecological zone to experience bird and the flying fish, and a variety of traditional fishing. The Lotus café accepted normal guest registration for canoe experience. With over 6 people, you can book a 3.5 to 4 hours activity with a 800 yuan per person. The fee includes the canoe equipment, training fee, guided tour and others. Additional remainder, the canoe depends on the trend of the tide, you can come in the morning to arrange the schedule.

Address: No. 96 of 2nd Longmi Road, Bali District, New Taipei

Tel: 02-2618-5777

Opening hour: workday 12:00 – 21:00, Weekend 9:00 – 21:00

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