DeaR DeeR Travel Book Store in Taipei

While Eslite Taiwan is building its brand image of “Beautiful living”, it has also successfully expanded its Chinese reading market. Tourists from Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China all want to have a close look at it to explore how can this culture of reading survive its 24 hours operating. Although Eslite original starts with the principle of “chain not copy” to build solid ground in Taiwan, but some of the book fans and those who are fascinated about publication are trying to break the rule of “big companies remain big” in the book market. Some small and pretty independent stores or community bookstores or various themed bookstores are focusing on the business with niche market. They do not have to make big money, but they hope to share the prosperous, create win-win situation or even more, Dear DeeR Travel Book Shop is just such a little stylish bookstore.

DeaR DeeR Travel Book Store is one of the three travel-themed bookstores in Taipei, located in an alley near Tonghua shopping district. Inside space is not very big, but it has four comfortable sofas surrounded by books and highchairs by the windows, which feels warm. The bookstore is small but has everything. It has all the books related to the tourists’ locations all over the world. No matter you are backpacking or joining the group, no matter you want to know famous attractions or unpopular secret attractions, no matter if you just want to follow the writer’s lines in his traveling books, come here and enjoy a warm drink, it can take place anytime. The owner Lu Lu is quite talkative, once she opened up the topic, you can definitely benefit a lot from it. Because Lu Lu herself have spent several years traveling in different countries. She is a total world traveler, who have seen the beauty from North to South, and accumulated many different cultural experiences. She can tell a charm stories without too much hesitation and make you forget about anything else. Perhaps because of her experience, she often invites traveling book writers or world travels to host lectures in the store, sharing different culture and letting people from different background communicate together. The biggest gratefulness of life is finding someone who share the same interests.

Looking around store, besides the packed book, mugs and magnets collected by Lu Lu and her friend Eva on their trip are used as decorations, which are all traces of their footsteps. If you are a fan of stamps or postcard, you definitely need to come and mail the warm square through the lovely mailbox.

I find a good book, reading it slowly with the soft music. There is no talking sound this afternoon, even though the store provides free Wifi, play with phone or read a book, I would rather listen to the sound of flipping pages. If you come here find no empty seat, you can purchase the book and take it home. Or, you can rent it, which is as economic as the normal book rental stores. If you have second-hand traveling related book, but you don’t want to throw it away or recycle it, you can bring it here to extend the life of the book by sharing it to someone who need it. You can choose to exchange book for the stay or another book. The hotel discount coupon can be used in some of the hostel in Taiwan to exchange for rooms. To exchange books, you can choose all the second-hand book in the wooden-box outside the store, or drinks in the store, or book rental coupon. You suddenly raised you head, and saw a big backpack hanging on the wall. That is the main character of the “Keep Backpacking” plan, initiated by backpack author Lan Bai-tuo (Blue Slipper). That’s right, if you want to go abroad backpacking for a long time, you can borrow this backpack for free. Isn’t this very attractive?

Talking to Lu Lu about her traveling stores, you feel like traveling around the world with her. But it also makes people feel the time flies. Before leaving, go back to see the quotes from famous people written on the blackboard outside the store, you seem to gain energy to move towards the goal again.


DeaR DeeR Travel Book Store

Address: No. 28 Jiaxing Street, Xinyi, Taipei

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