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Our translation service called Chinese Connects will be very beneficial for businesses located in Denver. Chinese Connects wants to be able to help businesses adapt to the changes that are occurring currently in the world. We can do this by improving the communication systems at different local businesses. Local businesses have to make the changes that are needed in order to be able to survive in today’s time period.

In today’s time period, Denver along with other cities have been experience an increase in Chinese residents. The reason why there has been an increase of Chinese residents is because of how China has been opening up its market. The increase of Chinese residents has led to a Chinese translation service like us become in such high demand. Currently the Asian population is at 1%. Even though their population is low, there has been an increase. As time goes on, it is expected that this population will continue to grow.

Since there has already been an increase in their population and is expected to keep growing, businesses must use a Chinese translation service in order for them to survive. Since the city is the capital of Colorado this means that they are going to be effected the most by the population growth. Also, there are people from China who visits this city for vacation purposes. There are also some who has a visa card who are being sent to work there in the city. Not only should businesses prepare for Chinese residents, but should also prepare for Chinese speakers employees.

Our translation service will be needed for housing. In 2014, the Denver Post reported that there has been more Chinese buyers in Colorado. Housing businesses must be prepared to be able to communicate well buyers who speak Chinese. Not only will our service benefit the buyers, but it will also benefit the businesses. We can be beneficial to the business by helping them make more money. This can happen by them using the tools needed in order for them to improve their communication towards the Chinese population. Improving their communication to the Chinese population can also help make improvement to their economy. Economies thrive off of businesses. With China being more incorporated into Colorado, this is making the economy become more reliant on China. Every day we are becoming more and more needed in this city.

The government in Colorado is pushing for even better relations with China. This can potentially lead to more workers from China being sent to work in Denver. Also this is something that can lead to more Chinese businesses being developed. Those Chinese businesses will also need us. Those businesses will need us to help them be able to communicate with English speakers when needed to.

Hospitals in Denver like the Porter Adventist Hospital will definitely benefit from us. It is expected in the future that China will be working directly with U.S. hospitals. What does this mean? This means that there will be some doctors from China hospitals who will be sent to work at hospitals in the United States. This is something that will also lead to an increase of the Chinese population in Denver. Improving the communication system at hospitals will only be helpful to the hospitals.

Another important aspect to think about is how if the Chinese population is not being communicated to well in Denver, a lot of them will move to a different city. We do not want this to happen at all. The employment team for our service wants to make communication easier and better between Chinese and English speakers in the city of Denver. We want to be able to help businesses along with their economy. As a company we deeply understand how crucial it is for local businesses to make the changes needed to not get left behind in the changing world. With the way the changes are occurring, it is best for us to be used as soon as possible. It is only going to get worse for businesses that do not use us. The worse their communication systems are, the higher the risk of them shutting down.

Since we are a communication tool that specializes in many different useful and needed fields, we are able to be beneficial to local businesses in more ways than one. The increase of the Chinese language being spoken in Denver is causing businesses to not have a choice but to use a good Chinese translation service. The government in Colorado wanting better relations with China is something all of the local businesses must realize. There is going to be more interaction between Denver and China. Businesses must be prepared for that. It is best that they prepare now for the future. The future will be hear in the blink of an eye.

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