The most difficult cities and sites in Taiwan to travel to

The newest “most difficult cities in Taiwan to travel to” is released. “Hsinchu”, the place where is no attraction and the desert for food, has become the No.1. People in Hsinchu think the city was wronged. Who says there is nothing here. This article is the counterattack from Hsinchu, let’s follow the reporter and see what’s the most fun attractions!

Attraction 1: Xiangshan Wetland

I have changed the specially made shoe covers at the Chaoshan Community Development Association next the wetland, then entering the wetland. When you look around, you can see the sun reflected on the land. When you walk on the wetland, the reflection looks like “the mirror of the sky” from the Bolivia.

If you look close to the calm wetland, you can see a slight movement. A line of crabs “monks from sea” are coming out from the sand, working forward. The small bodies leave a long dark shadow under the sun. Looking around, the sand appears to have a million crabs running. When I try to look closer, they get into the ground. People like me, who lives in the city, stares at that for a long time.

Attraction 2: International rice noodle Co. Ltd.

The fourth general of the “International rice noodle Co. Ltd.” is another highlight. The third generation of the owner Ms. Guo is the only female owner in the rice noodle industry. The rice noodle industry is hard to operate, and not as easy as it used to be. Ms. Guo says the reason she took over the family business is because “I insist on handmaking business, and try to treasure this industry!” Hsinchu used to have more than hundred rice noodle factories, now it only has 15 left.

Attraction 3: Champion of the oysters

The young boss Zhang Hao’en took over the oyster business from the family. He promotes the local seafood, and raising their own oysters in surrounding the Xiangshan area. Because the sufficient sunlight and rich algae, the taste is sweater and tighter than other locations. Zhang Hao’en reminds that the chewiness is the biggest feature of the oyster.

Attraction 4: Lin’s tasty food

Lin’s tasty food is called the café with the most beautiful sunset. When you walk into the store, the owner is making coffee, which filled the room with the aroma of coffee. I am holding a cup of black coffee and eating chicken wings. When I raised my head up, the sunset is just coming. The sky is surrounded by the dark blue and orange. The Xiangshan wetland in front of my eye is what you rare see in the city.

Attraction 5: Hong An Tang

With the change of age, not many people go to Chinese medicine. Therefore, the “Hong An Tang” of 90-year, opposite to Changhe Palace, figure a new experience for Chinese medicine. In the summer, they will launch the DIY anti-mosquito pack event. The medicine cabinet has displayed honeysuckle, basil, mint, clove, agastache rugosa and other 10 types of herb that can help prevent mosquito, then they will teach the tourists to weight 11 gram and put them into the bag in order. Then, the self-made anti-mosquito pack is done.

Attraction 6: Wanzhu Cosmetics

Speaking of the evolution of the Wanzhu Cosmetics, the Weng Jinsong, known as “Aunt Wanzhu”, talks about her life after married 38 years ago. From cooking, washing clothes, packing and sale, and new product development later-on. She says it’s quite hard, making her want to end the business. “What can I do? Older generation told me ‘we don’t have any left for you. Just the two words – Wan Zhu.’” It is easy to say, but for these two words, she has continued the precious heritage, so the brand is not used by older generation, but young customers also come here for them. This is the treasure that you can only find in Hsinchu.

Xiangshan wetland

Address: next to the highway in Xibin, Xiangshan District, Hsinchu

International Rice Noodle Co., Ltd.

Address” No. 538 Zhonghua Road Sec. 5, Xiangshan District, Hsinchu

Tel: 03-540-0478

Opening hour: 09:00~17:00 (close date not fixed, if the door is closed during the opening hour, please ring the bell and purchase)

Champion of the oyster

Address: No. 322 Zhonghua Road Sec. 5, Hsinchu

Tel: 0983-000-960

Opening hour: fresh seafood 09:00 – 23:30; Barbecue 16:00 – 23:30

Lin’s food

Address: No. 56 of No. 420 Alley of Zhonghua Road Sec. 5, Hsinchu

Tel: 03-539-9539

Opening hour:11:00~21:00

Hong An Tang

Address: No. 160 North Gate Street, North District, Hsinchu

Tel: 03-522-1139

Opening hour:08:30~20:30

Wanzhu Cosmetics

Address: No. 197 Zhulian Street, East District, Hsinchu

Tel: 03-522-4041

Opening hour:08:00~18:00

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