Taiwan Eco-tour in Autumn 2016

The warm climate in Taiwan and the unique wetland ecology and complete conservation environment have attracted the black-faced spoonbill – the global endangered species – as their first choice of migration in the winter. Thousands of black-faced spoonbill will fly from North to South in the autumn to spend winter. Recently, the Ecological conservation organization has found that more and more black-faced spoonbills have fall in love with Taiwan. Because this year, the most number of black-faced spoonbills has stayed in Taiwan for the past 12 years. Many birds didn’t fly back to north for the summer, rather they stay in Taiwan for the whole year. This new phenomenon gives the habitat with the most black-faced spoonbills – located in South Taiwan- Yunjia Southwest Coast National Scenic Area and its administration offices to host many activities, including the “Light Up Taiwan” tour starts in July, “2016 Taiwan International Bridathon” and “Season of Black-faced Spoonbills in Taijiang” in October at Taijiang National Park.

Every year, during the season of migration, a large wetland will appear at the exit of Qigu Zenwenxi, where will have thousands of black-faced spoonbills gather here. Guests can purchase “Taiwan Pole Passport” and “Light up Taiwan Tour” traveling brochure. You can complete a fun collection of stamps, and visiting “exhibition of the ecology of black-faced spoonbills”, where you can observe and understand the ecology for black-faced spoonbills. During the season of black-faced spoonbills, there will be performance on the stage, you can also participate in the DIY activity. The broad view of the waterfront, combined with unique Yantian culture, you can take the bamboo raft to enjoy the Taiwan version of amazon river – “four color green tunnel”. Following the water, you can enter the red forest, shooting the favorite view of “angel’s kiss”.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau at Los Angeles Office, director Shi Zhaohui shares that the South Yunjia region cross from the sea to the mountain with a 3000 km attitude. From tropic to frigid zone, the divergence of the birds is very high, providing waterfowl, migration birds, mountain birds and rare birds in Taiwan, you can all find them here. 2016 Taiwan Birdathon have already started to accept application now. The candidates that discovered the most species with ears and eyes in 30 hours will win, based on the principle of “honesty”. Taiwan has hosted such event last year for the first time. This year is the second time, welcome everyone to join. This summer, the total 50-kilometer bus line connecting Jiayi Fast Train Station to Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, will launch in July 9th. In the future, visiting Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum will be easier, you can visit Crafts Studio of Jiao-Zhi Pottery & Chien-Nien, Suantou Zhecheng Culture Park, and the cutest Jingpu World of Cat. In order to promote backpacking with public transportation, the Tourism Bureau in Jiayi has offered 4 times bus tickets valid not just for one day. You can also enjoy a special discount from nearby 40 stores.

The combination of ecological and cultural South Taiwan Tour is getting more and more popular. Besides providing convenience to the backpacker, benefiting the tourists from North America, the Asian Traveling Agent in the United States has offered a “8-day package in South Yunjia”, focusing on the deep traveling of the three counties in South Yunjia. The tour will not only take the tourists to the Southern Branch of National Palace Museum, Wetland and Exhibition 外伞顶洲of Black-faced spoonbills and also visit the moving land – Waisan Dingzhou, Tainan Shigu Cultural Village and CHikan Towers. Different than the stunning view of Eastern Taiwan, the south Taiwan has its unique rural scenery. The interaction of historical scenery and natural culture inherited from the agricultural era are definitely worth visiting.

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