Taiwan’s Department of Information increasing tourism efforts

In order to help travelers from all over the world to understand the unique local culture in Taipei, the Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government will hold the “Taipei Travelers’ Fresh News”. The organizer has invited famous writers, traveling experts, and local hosts to participate together. It will promote 10 in-depth experience routes to enjoy free activities with Taipei themed Trips and other relevant activities, including 2 traveling themed lectures, 2 internet activities and 9 traveling experience activities. The organizer has also invited everyone to be one-day Taipei tourists. So they can experience Taipei trips.

The department head of the Information and Tourism, Jian Yu-an, says Taipei owns the most beautiful bookstore in the world, the most diverse urban life, high density of coffee shops and stylish stores. Taipei is filled with various cultural experiences. No matter you are locals, students or office workers from other cities, new immigrants or tourists from other countries, you can all get in touch with different cultures.

This year, the Department of Information and Tourism use the theme “Taipei Travelers’ Fresh News”, utilizing the concept of “experience marketing”. The put the featured attractions in Taipei into the travel planning, from bicycle, farm, book, tea, snacks, wet market and the underground culture. The organizer has planned 10 routes carefully with vivid themes and creative local trip. It will combine the historical building in old Taipei City, culture relics, view from the riverside, traditional cuisine and trendy modern attractions. They hope this rich and various series of activity will lead the travelers to visit, taste and enjoy the most interesting, surprising, and fresh

The series of activities will gather experts from different areas. They will be divided into four types of tourists: Taipei U-biker, Taipei Food Lover, Taipei Natural Lover, and Taipei Trendy Travelers”. The activities will recommend 10 in-depth Taipei Themed Trips. So travelers can follow the footsteps of the traveling experts to enjoy being “Taipei People” for one day.

The “Taipei Travelers’ Fresh News” series will start on May 2nd. In order to stimulate more travelers to promote the local elements when they are traveling in Taipei, and also continue the spirit of last year’s event “Creating New Way of Exploring in the City”, it utilizes Facebook to create a more interactive platform for the residents and tourists. The organizer invites the residents and travelers to share their own experience and their one-day traveling plans in Taipei. Once you log on to your Facebook stores, you can enter the activity page to submit your own recommendation. You will have the chance to win several good gifts from Taipei.

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