Exhibition for Female Friendly Hotels in Taiwan Kicks Off

The tourism bureau has launched “Light travel accommodation for HER”, emphasizing the high quality accommodation with high price performance ratio. The bureau has worked with 418 legitimate hotels to promote discount event of “Accommodation passport”, offering 65% off, 500 yuan for student check-in and other super cheap plans. The Tourism Bureau expressed that “Safety is the first priority of traveling.” Due to the day rental suits prevailing, the bureau calls for the public to support the legitimate hotels by launching discount.

This years “Anti day rental event – light travel accommodation for HER”, emphasizing “Accommodation Passport” and “Safe Monopoly” two big events. It will process with online discount and consumption. There are total 418 hotels that has joint the anti-day rental event, including Fullon Hotel Taipei, Central, Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel, Evergreen Laurel Hotel Taichung, Tayih Landis Hotel, E-DA Royal Hotel, and other 128 star level hotels. Also, Fengchun villa, Green Home B&B, Always Country Villa, Migrator Intertidal Homestay and 66 other Bed and Breakfast. They all have offered discounts.

The discount activity of “Accommodation passport” starts today to 31st of October, tourists can go to the official website of the “Accommodation passport” to check accommodation plans. Once you choose your accommodation, you can go to the front desk of the hotels and scan the QR code and share your experience on the facebook, then you can exchange for the check-in discount.

The Tourism Bureau says, in order to effectively promote safe accommodation and combat day rental house, the bureau has worked with the local government to invest and arrest illegal rental house. The bureau has also invited famous artists Axi as ambassador of the “Anti-day rental house event”. Tourists will find propaganda of supporting legitimate accommodation and anti day rental house at the transfer stations, Taoyuan Airport, bus stops in Taipei, and internet advertisement. September this year, the Bureau will start the activity of “Campus sponsor plan 2.0”, targeting students and combating illegal day rental suits. If you want to participate, you can search “Light travel accommodation for HER” on the internet.

The Tourism Bureau has also offered “Safe Monopoly” activity on the internet. Besides the basic elements of Monopoly, such as chances, destinies and others, it added safety advocates for women of different times, such as “spend the most value of money, accommodation should choose the highest price performance ratio”, “I have spent the money for enjoyment not for suffering”, “The most beautiful scenery in traveling, is the safety you have offered” and others. From today till September 15, once you log on to your facebook account, you have 10 chances of playing the game online. You also have the chance of winning iPad Air2, 10 thousand cash, Panasonic GF7 camera, free accommodation and other good gifts. If you play ever yday, you have more chance to win.

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