Taipei Autumn Traveling Exhibition – limited edition of global Pokemon

The 2016 Taiwan International Tourism Exhibition will be held during August 26 to 29 in the No. 1 building of the Taipei World Trade Center. The exhibition is hosted by “Taipei Association of Travel Agents”. Ponta treats their members the best. You only need to download the official APP of Ponta and go to the “Exchange Zone” to use the Ponta 10 points to exchange. Each member can only exchange two groups of voucher code. Then, you can go to the no. 13 entrance of the Taipei World Trade Center on Jilong Road. And exchange the free tickets at the “Internet Booking Tickets” places with your voucher code in Ponta APP and your ID card.

The themed with “Off Season Promotion”, launching tours after summer vacation with reduced price. It is loved by office workers and elderly. This exhibition has specially invited tourism bureau form different countries, famous domestic travel agents, restaurants, Breakfast and Beds, souvenir manufactures and others to participate. For the popular attractions, it recommends golden package tour and budget tour promotion plan. This show has gathered 300 famous companies, and 550 booths. During the four day in 2015, it has attracted total 195,473 visitors. This year, it estimates to attract approximately 200 thousand visitors.

On August 23rd (Tuesday) at 13:30 pm, the Hwa Young Restaurant – Zhonglun (Third section of People’s Avenue), the media conference was hold. The tourism bureaus from different countries, travel agents, branded restaurants, Breakfast and Beds and manufactures were presented at the conference. The most attractive discount was “exposed for the first time”!

Additionally, the Brazilian samba dancers were invited for the opening ceremony. The traveling sweethearts will be there to present in the show. The exhibition has specially assembled a series of activities, such as “airline tickets drawing immediately after entrance”, “first day lucky bad”, “1,000,000 cash vouchers after meeting the purchasing amount” and other activities.

Pokemon Go fever – limited edition of global pokemon catching tour – don’t miss a single one!

The Pokemon hunting tour in Europe costs less than 40,000. With the global Pokemon Go fever, the exhibition launched tours “Catching Mr. Mime in Paris”, “Catching the Tauros Bull in New York”, “Catch the Kangakhan in Australia”. Or you can even go worship the “Center of the Pokemon Go” in Tokyo. The whole trip you can enjoy free internet wifi, to keep you online.

“Wu Fu”

The Pokemon go fever are all over the world. If you want to catch the limited edition of pokemon in certain areas, Wu Fu Travel Agents has launched pokemon hunting tour: “6 days tour of the Tauros Bull in New York” will guide you all over New York. From the classic landmarks to catch your own pokemon. Or you can go to Europe to find the limited Mr. Mime. Wu Fu recommends “European limited edition of Mr. Mime in Paris for 6 days”, starting from NT$ 32,900. You can use the traveling distance between different attractions to accelerate the speed of hatching eggs. Sign up the Pokemon hunting tours with Wu Fu to get free internet wifi.

The host even offers more activities to promote sales:

  1. 10 Yuan in the hot spring in Taiwan in Autumn, buy one get one free to go abroad for seeing the maple leaf.
  2. Off season special discount – tour to mainland China 62 percent off
  3. Long distant trip at the price of the short distant trip: Europe for 27,000, America for 37,000
  4. Promotion after summer vacation: Japan 6499, Korea, 5990, Thailand 6599, China 1999
  5. Abroad trip – buy one get one free, Europe trip, the second person half price off
  6. “Mixed style” go to 7 countries for once

Details on the discount, please refer to the official website.

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