Fun business districts and exhibitions in Taipei

Where to have fun in summer? Don’t need to be worried with hot weather or bad traffic. It is definitely having to be the business districts and travel exhibitions that are combined with fashion, food, travel, leisure and technology. It is now the most popular spot in the summer.

The Taipei Life closely related to the business district

What does “business district” mean? It sounds so distant like the vocabulary you will heard on the economies class. In fact, the development of the business districts in Taipei is fast and closely follows the latest trend in various areas. The business districts not only exist around us, but also the good location for us to have fun, shopping daily.

There are 59 business districts in Taipei, which is the city has the most business districts in Taiwan. The business districts in Taipei include Beitou hot spring business district, Tianmu Business District, 737 Business District, Gongguan Business District, Shilin Business District, Qingguang Business District, Ningxia Business District, South Chongqing Road Bookstore, Maokong Business District, Chaoyang Business District, Wenchang Furniture Street, Nanchang Furniture Street, Wufengpu Clothing Business District, Huayin Street Business District, Monga Business District, Beimen Business District, Taipei Underground Street, Zhonghua Road Business District, West Aiguo Road Wedding Dress Street, Dinghao Sogo Business District and others. You can see the life of people in Taipei is inseparable from the business districts.

Doing business in a place like Taipei, where there is intensive competition, if you don’t have something special to offer, it will be hard to survive with the picky taste of the people in Taipei. In order to strengthen the features of the various business districts and shape the charming, Taipei Business Districts held a “Taipei Life – Business Districts Carnival – Taste of Taipei”. All the featured business districts in Taipei will gather together. The exhibition will include food in the city, leisure culture, simple fashion, and technological life. From food, clothing, living, traveling to fashion products, you can find everything here. It will save you all the suffering from running around in such a hot weather. You can just enjoy the “one-day thorough trip in Taipei Business District”.

Different business districts, and different way of having fun

Many people are very surprised about how diverse and fun the business districts are under different background. For example, centered at Dadaocheng, the nearby Dihua Street business district and Daqiaotou Districts, you can purchase good quality grocery. At the end of the year, you can visit the origin of the culture of the Taipei traditional food for the Spring Festival.

With the popularity of the cultural elements, handcraft stores and food stores are emerging along the road of Dihua Street and West Minsheng Road. Stores selling flowers, kitchen ware, and coffee have formed a conflicting but well-integrated image with the stores selling mushroom and other grocery.

Walking through a few streets, the old fashion of Dadaocheng has been presented fully in Ningxia Night Market Business Districts, where everyone can find the old flavor in their memories here.

Of course, you can come to the West Aidong Wedding Dress Street with your partner, imaging the blueprint for the happiness together. You can go to the Maokong Business District to enjoy the mountain covered with fog and pick the fresh tea leaves. You can go to the Beimen Camera Business District to pick a good camera and try to catch the touching movement of the city Taipei. Take the metro in the evening, and go to the Xinbeitou Hot Spring Business District to enjoy the popular “foot hot spring”. Eat a hot spring noddle, let the pressure evaporate with your sweat.

2016 Taipei International Tourism Expo

With the coming summer, how can you not go out? Don’t forget to come to the biggest expo this summer “2016 Taipei International Tourism Expo”, which will showcase at the Taipei World Trade Center. The Expo will be the biggest international tourism expo in the first half of this year with total 460 companies that will participate. It is 3 times bigger than the local tourism expo or smaller scaled expo.

This “Taipei International Tourism Expo” will be divided into five areas, including traveling abroad, hotels, city and county governments, “fun” travel Taiwan and mainland China zone. The city government of Taipei use the theme of “Visiting neighbors”, invite you to eat and play at the same time through the featured food, old temples, and old streets. So you can feel the daily life and city’s culture.

Additionally, there are many brands have participated in the expo, including Korean National Tourism Organization, Central American Economic and Trade Office, the Japan Pavilion, Macau Tourists Bureau, the America Pavilion, Pacific Island Tourists Group and Tourism bureaus from different countries. More than 40 travel agencies are also presented in the expo, including ezTravel, Star Cruises, ezfly, Civil and Phoenix and others.

In terms of domestic traveling, all the hotels, bed and breakfasts, amusement parks, resorts and others have launched discounts at the scene. Because it is hold by Taipei Association of Trvel Agents, the quality, compliance, and price are guaranteered. You will feel much safer to look around. If you want to get all the information and the best deal for all the different trips, you should come to the scene.

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