Family Trips in Taipei – Recommended Destinations

Can’t remember the last time taking a trip with your family? There is no need to plan for how to rent car, which route to drive. You just need to take the metro to enjoy a one-day trip. A smart person like you can take advantage of the “Parents-children one day ticket” launched by the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation to enjoy the buy one adult ticket get one free children ticket. As long as during the holidays, national holidays, every passengers older than 18 years old (inclusive) with a children (6-12 years old), only need 150 yuan to enjoy the unlimited ride with Metro in one-day. It is convenient and affordable. Taking the metro Tamsui and Xinyi lines to enjoy the must-go attractions, you can enjoy the fun with the family.

  1. MRT Xiangshan Station

Because the shape of Xiangshan (Elephant Mountain) looks like the head of the elephant, this is how it gets its name. Inside the mountain, “Six giant stones” are the most representative place: exotic landscape, here is definitely the mot place for mountain climbing and view seeing. You can have a full view of the Taipei’s basin. In the night, you can see Taipei 101 standing with such splendor. However, there are quite a few ladders in the footpath. You need to pay attention to those.

  1. MRT Beitou Station and New Beitou Station

First, you should go to the Beitou market near the Beitou Station to try some delicious food, such as shorties’ minced pork rice, Cai Yuanyi Black Tea are all famous popular foods. Once you are full, get to the New Beitou Station to enjoy some Japanese customs, such as Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Beitou Library in a wooden and simple style. They are all must go places. If you want to relax a little bit, you can choose a bathhouse to have fun.

Additionally, taking the bus at the New Beitou Station, you can walk on the “Guizikeng Hiking Trail”. Here has a soil and water conservation education area. Finishing the trails around the mountain, you can go to the education area to have a look at the oldest strata. Family who likes to go camping, Guizikeng has free space to be used, which is also the only camping group for cars in Taipei.

  1. MRT Jiantan Station, Shilin Station

Jiantan and Shilin areas are the best choices to get close to nature. There are many parks and bike lanes in surrounding area. Even if the people who goes there for the first time, can have a great time there. It is recommended to start at Jiantan Station, passing Yuan Mountain attractions, visiting the Jiantan Mountain Hiking Trails, relaxing and breathing the fresh air. It is also a secrete place for people, who live in the urban, to take a breath.

Also, in Shilin there are occasional flower shows, decorating the city with bright and beautiful. It is good place for the whole family to take picture. Well planned “Shaungxi Waterfront Bike Lane” has beautiful scene alone the both side of the river. There are also small scaled entertainment facilities, basketball court, baseball field. You can have a trip of bike and picnic. You can even bring you family there to have a picnic by the side of the river with a great view.

  1. MRT Tamsui Station

Tamsui Station is loved by both domestic and abroad tourists. The beautiful scenery and featured snacks are the reasons that it is famous internationally. It is recommended to come to take a morning trip at the monuments, like the Little White House, Fort San Domingo, Hobe Fort, and Drop of Water Memorial Hall. You can also visit the old school of Jay Chou, the famous Asian singer, Tamkang Middle School, where the movie “The Secret” was shot here. Then, you can enjoy your lunch here.

In the afternoon, you can take the boat to the other side to ride a bicycle in Bali District, or go to the Fisherman’s Wharf to enjoy the scenery. Accompanied by the sound of live music, you can enjoy the moment of sunset while relaxed. Lastly, you must go fell the lively atmosphere at the Tamsui old street: eat some fish cakes, A-gei, plum jucie and other local snacks. There are many street performers. Their talents have given Tamsui a strong sense of art.

The convenience of Taipei MRT, comfortable and clean is known by the whole work. It offers the best traveling choices to Taipei residents, domestic and abroad tourists. It is highly recommended to buy the parents-children one day tickets, multiple day tickets, which is more economic and affordable. You should walk outside of the room and create sweet memories with your whole family.

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