Firefly events popping up in Taipei through June

Early summer evening, many people attracted to the beautiful view of fireflies inside the forests. With the increasing environmental awareness among people recently, they have gain deeper understanding about the restoration and conservation of fireflies. You can bring you family and friends to enjoy and romantic evening under the light of fireflies and stars.

Every year from late April to early June is the best season for fireflies viewing. After last year’s “New Taipei City Fireflies Sightseeing Lazy Package” summarized by Agricultural Bureau of New Taipei City, which provided 48 secrete locations for fireflies viewing. This year the lists have been increased to 52 locations on the “New Taipei Fireflies Party Go”.

The director of Agricultural Bureau of New Taipei City, Li Wen says, due to the urban light pollution and the decrease of habitats, the fireflies viewing events become popular and new activities. Since March they have received inquiries from residents about the fireflies viewing. However, because the extremely cold weather in February this year, the expected time for the appearance of fireflies is estimated to be delay than previous years.

Fireflies is the essential indicating insects for eco-environment. The slight change in environment will most likely affect their existence. According to the statistics, there are more than 60 kinds of fireflies discovered in Taiwan. In New Taipei City you can see around 24 types. And there are more than half of the district in New Taipei City is suitable for fireflies viewing. This year’s “New Taipei Fireflies Party GO” events has added four more locations than last year, which indicates the success of New Taipei City in protecting the eco-environment.

Li Wen points out that 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm is the best time for fireflies viewing. If you go too late, you will not be able to see fireflies. Fireflies are commonly seen at the location with low visibility, mountain areas without light pollution. People who go to see the fireflies should pay attention to their own safety. It is better to travel with companion to avoid accident.

Agricultural Bureau reminds that during the fireflies viewing, you must keep quiet, don’t enter the grass, don’t leave the garbage, don’t try to capture or use strong light. It is recommending to read the 10 frequent asked questions before going to see the fireflies. Follow the rules strictly, don’t damage the habitat or interfere with their life. Only if we protect fireflies, then we can enjoy the fun of seeing fireflies each year.

This year the Agricultural Bureau has launched the fireflies viewing activity in water terrace, combining the farm experience. Environmental Protection Bureau and Education Bureau have carried out fireflies viewing activity in schools. Residents can find more information at the official website of “New Taipei Fireflies Party Go”.

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