Flotation Tanks Taipei – Review of Isolation Tanks in Taipei

If you have never tried a float tank before and are happening to be traveling in Taipei, or if you have lived here and have recently begun to consider it, we highly recommend you check out Dream Water to get a first-hand experience. An experience floating is unlike any other and is one of the newly discovered methods for allowing oneself to slip into deep relaxation and improving one’s overall sleep and lifestyle.

A float tank looks like a pod that you lie down in. The water inside is only about six inches deep but allows the body to remain afloat when lying down due to the high concentration of salt that is added. The water is also regulated at body temperature so when you lie down not only do you not feel the sensation of the water surrounding your body, you also feel as if you are weightless.

Initially the experience of feeling yourself become weightless and letting yourself go is unsettling for the body and mind. People are used to fidgeting and stick to the sensation of form and feeling. However, an isolation tank helps take this away and depending on how much you let yourself go will determine how relaxed your body becomes and may even cause slight hallucinations such as seeing colors. Letting yourself relax causes the body to naturally unfold and reap benefits similar to that of a massage and also causes the mind to unfold in a manner of speaking as well.

When lying down in the pod the best way is to just relax the body as much a possible and take note of wherever there is tension. Put your attention to that area and then focus on letting it go while concentrating on your breath. This will help the body relax and prevent you from being bored as some people aren’t sure what to do while lying in the pod.

The isolation tanks at Dream Water are all single pods placed in their own separate rooms with showers. To enter a pod you need to first take a shower and remove any jewelry. It is also recommended not to wear contact lens during the session as the eyes may dry easily and because you may accidently wipe your face with salt water. After cleaning yourself, you enter without clothing and then close the pod door from the inside as there is a handle. Initially there are a few lights in the inside that are turned on to help you get situated and music will turn on and last for about 10 min. Following that they both turn off and you are left inside to take it all in as if staring deep into a dark oblivion that is both comforting and enticing. If at any time you need to get out or don’t like how dark it is you can push the door open.

Most float sessions go for about 1 hour and at Dream Water that is the standard but 2 hour sessions are also available. The owner at Dream Water is from Canada and speaks English/Chinese and there is always bilingual staff on duty in case the owner isn’t there. The floatation tank facilities are located in Neihu near the Jiannan MRT, which is the MRT with iMax facilities and a Ferris wheel etc. There are many restaurants nearby so it also makes for a good location to hang out either before or after a float.

Booking a session in advance at Dream Water is recommended as floating is becoming more popular in Taipei. There are more similar facilities opening across the city but this place was one of the pioneers in the field so it is one of the most widely known. Sessions can be booked until late and at the time of this writing there were also oxygen facilities that allowed you to breathe 99% pure oxygen but that may change due to ongoing complications related to supply, according to the owner.

We recommend you try an isolation tank at some point in your life and encourage it if you are in Taipei in conjunction with massages and skin scraping treatments to help you experience the relaxing side of the city despite all the hustle and bustle.

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