Interesting food in Hualien

Taiwan, its city Taipei and the surrounding areas are exceptionally well-known for their markets and street food. Hualien City falls into this category and should not be missed during your trip. This beautiful city offers visitors everything you can imagine when it comes to food, fine dining, street food, and even some exceptionally interesting dishes for you to try. In this article, we will be taking a look at interesting food in Hualien and what you can expect with these wonderful yet local dishes.



You may have heard of wontons before, but no trip to Hualien would be complete without tasting the city’s amazing fried wontons which are served with a generous meat filling, which is typically made up of pork and eaten with either hot mustard, sweet and sour sauce or duck sauce. There is also another variety of wontons available which is still fried but are often filled with cream cheese and crab filling and are typically referred to as crab rangoon.



Xiaolongbao is a form of steamed bun which is incredibly popular with locals and visitors. The bun is traditionally from the Jiangnan region of China and is traditionally prepared small bamboo steaming baskets, known as xiaolong, which is how they were given their name. Xiaolongbao can also be referred to as a type of dumpling, but it’s important that you do not confuse them with American or British-style dumplings.


Turkey Rice

Turkey rice is, in fact, exactly that. The dish is prepared with shredded turkey that is laid over a bed of rice and tastes absolutely amazing, despite the dish’s simplicity. With most turkey rice dishes, you will notice that the poultry is exceptionally aromatic and tender which works incredibly well with the turkey grease and juice infused rice.


Bomb Green Onion Pancake

An incredibly interesting title you may begin to think? Bomb green onion pancake receives its name after being translated directly from its original Chinese name. The Bomb Green Onion Pancake dish is made up of a green onion pancake and a half cooked egg. The term ‘bomb’ refers to the runny yolk that sits on the pancake in its uncooked form.


Zhu tung fan

Zhu tung fan is produced by filling cut stalks of bamboo with meat, vegetables, and rice, before being steamed over hot coals.



Tiramisu is more famous in Italy as it’s an exceptionally popular coffee flavoured Italian dessert. However, in Hualien they do it just as well as the Italians. The dessert is made up of eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheese, and deliciously tasting cocoa.


Muah Chee

Muah Chee was first introduced from the Southern part of China and is a dessert that is made from steamed sticky dough which is produced from glutinous flour before being sliced into small pieces and generously covered with sugar and fine roasted peanuts.


Bread Coffin

The bread coffin was originally created back in the early 1940’s and is exceptionally similar to the bread bowl which can be discovered throughout many Western countries. The dish is simply a piece of thick toast which often holds pork, peas, mushrooms, carrots, or even seafood chowder. It’s name was given to the dish purely on the basis that it oddly resembles a coffin.

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