Delicious Food Areas in Zhongshan District, Taipei

Zhongshan district is the area that was developed the earliest. The streets are filled with architectures and historical monuments with the sense of history, but it is also combined with modern culture. Wedding dress street, Pub street, featured shopping district, even the famous snacks are very diversified. The market department says, besides eel rice, pork, spaghetti and other exotic dishes, even the street food has its own distinctive features. Besides the traditional food, there are many creative snacks. The first recommendation is the Qingguan Market and the Twin street night market.

Market department says the Qingguang Market used to be famous as the exchange market for imported goods. Now, it has planned as improved shopping district. Besides the enduring jewelry store and imported goods store, there are many famous snacks, such as oil rice, Luo Mei, taro rice noodle, red bean cake and douhua. Additionally, the Twin street adjacent to Qingguang market is the market that has been in business for over 40 years. After re-planning by the government, it switched to two shifts operation in day and night, successfully created its image as night market. The market has attracted a lot of people. The local snacks have contributed a lot to this success.

In addition to the delicious snacks on Qingguang Market and Twin street, there are many delicious foods in the nearby alleys. When you take you family to visit the Zhongshan alley during the Dragon Boat Festival, don’t forgot to try the food in the alley. The market department also indicate that the Dingxiang Douhua is in the Twin street, No. 12 alley of Zhongshan district. The “traditional Douhua” is dense and meticulous, rich bean flavor. The “Dingxiang Douhua” is yellow and feels like pudding. Each one has its own characteristics. You can all have it here. Ordering a bowl of Douhua, adding any ingredients as you like, the taste is richer and varied.

The German pig’s feet in Qingguang Market is located in Nong’an street, No. 2 alley. The golden crispy skin of the pig’s feet is what stimulate people’s appetite. The fresh meat with slightly salty, accompanied with the crispy sound when you bite it. It is definitely the enjoyment of life.

The A Fu seafood porridge in Twin street night market is located in Zhongshan district, the cross road of Twin street and Nong’an street. The trendy seafood porridge is not only fresh, but also has sesame oil, red meat, pig heart and others. There is always a line in front of the stall. The A Hong black bone chicken is located in Twin street night market. The quality of the meat is the best, which is the must buy food for visitors.

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