Food Streets in Chengdu – Best Street Food Chengdu

Talking about the most popular food streets in Chengdu, if you have been to one, then you are lucky.

  1. Huaxing Street

Speaking of Huaxing street, if you tell people in Chengdu, they will know you are going to eat the noodles with fried egg. The history of the noodles with fried eggs in Huaxing street can be traced back to Qing dynasty. The old manager of the restaurant specially made the copper pot, bronze tripod, copper scoop, copper spoon, using red tomato as soup base, adding green vegetables, fried eggs, and noodles. This is the colorful “copper pot noodles with fried ages. There is also the Yue Garden (now the Yue tea house), spicy wonton, tangyuan has made the Yutian Sichuan cuisine one of the best restaurants in Chengdu.

  1. Yuling Living Square

Yulin is the traditional rich area in south Chengdu. The food, bars, barbeque, hot pot, stews, and shrimps can be found here. This is the best location for people who enjoy eating, drinking and having fun in the night.

  1. Guanghua Village

There is always food street next to the college. The taste buds of students are picky with limited consumption ability. Therefore, usually these places have a lot of delicious food with cheap price. The most famous food street is the one in the backdoor of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. Crispy potatoes, Mom Shen’s pot, Bobo Chicken, baked gluten, are all delicious but not expensive.

  1. Jinli

Here has the most traditional food in Chengdu. Of course, people in Chengdu doesn’t bother to go eat traditional food in Chengdu. They are eating them every day. But for tourists, it is the heaven. And they must come here. It is next to the General Wu’s temple, therefore, when you visit the General Wu’s temple, you can also go to Jinli for the food. Jinli almost have all the special snacks in Chengdu: sweet noodle, stinky tofu, buckwheat noodles, beef cake, deep fried sicky rice ball.

  1. Fengdu – Fengyun street

Here has the unique food here. It is also the place loved by the food lover. It ranked on the top of the food list by super high popularity. It is at the intersect of Jiannan Blvd and Tianfuyi street. Here, you can find Xiaoyu hot pot, Mileslife hot pot, Dongji fish, Sancha Wild fish restaurant, Leshan dried pot, and other popular food. Besides, the imported beer – Beer Castle, French cuisine, Milia Russian Restaurants and other top enjoyment for your tongue. Fengyun street is closely attached to Sishui street. After enjoying the tour of delicious food, you can go to the Sishui street, enjoy the bridge, river, old tree and the stage. What a wonderful life!

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