Free Attractions in Nanjing – Best Free Travel Spots

The summer vacation has passed for a few days now. No matter adults or children, they all want to go out to have fun. But the expensive entrance fee for many attractions have halted the interests of going out for many people. Don’t worry. Here is the good news. From next month, there are many attractions open to the public for free again. Let’s have fun in all over Nanjing first.

National Geopark – Guabushan Scenic Area free open day: August 1st

Guabushan is a volcano that erupted about 1,200 years ago. The main attraction here is the forest of stone pillar. The surface of the whole mountain is formed by many stone pillar from up to down, forming a unique beauty.

Regular ticket: 20 yuan

Address: Liuhe District, Nanjing, Jiangsu

Transportation: subway line 3, subway line s8, bus line 209, 636, Zhiliu line

Pearl Spring Scenic Area free open day: August 1st

In Pukou, there is a place filled with your childhood memories. It has green mountains, clear water, and nice environment. Once you hear the name, you must be very familiar with it. Right, it is the Pearl Spring in Nanjing.

Here, you can watch amazing performance of the circus. Approximately, 300 cute animals have settled down here. You can take your children here to take picture with the animals they like.

Regular ticket: 100 yuan

Transportation: Take subway line 3 and get off at East Liuzhou Station, walk about 260 meters. At the west station of the Liuzhou main station, you can take bus line 694, then get off at the east gate of Pearl Spring. Walk about 80 meters you will reach your destination.

Red Mountain Forest Zoo free open day: September

Here gathers the most representative animals and rare species, which are approximately 300 and 4,000. It is the specialized place for Nanjing to present the remaining of the six dynasties.

In the zoo, there are specialized Children zoo, scientifically ecological zoo, children’s park, and other entertainment facilities and scientific facilities. It is a great place to have fun with your children.

Regular ticket: 40 yuan

Transportation: you can get there with bus line 22, 24, 40, 66, 74, 203, 209, 501

Special notes: the free entrance day is open to specific group. The detail method and date will be decided by the zoo and disclosed in advance.

Water town – Gucheng Lake free open day: September 27

It is located in Gaochun. Nanjing has focused on creating this place for the ecological tourism, which is the top one in the Yangtze River area.

Regular ticket: 80 yuan

Transportation: from Nanjing station, take the bus to Gaochun station, then take the specialized “Tourist’s line 2”, you can reach your destination directly.

Self-driving: Xinjiekou à East Zhongsan Road à Middle Longfan Road à Airport Highway à Ningxuan Highway à Shuanggao Road à Baota Road à South Shiquhu Road à Hubing Blvd à Gucheng lake bridge à Yinhu Road, driving 184 meters and you will get to the destination.

Two tombs from Nantang Dynasty free open day: October 28th, December 13

Changjiang Guanyin Scenic Area is located by the river with a lot of Guanyin related elements. The scenic area is divided into two parts: east part has Guanyin Pavilion, Shijin Court, Toutai Cave, Ertai Cave; the west part has Destination square, Santai Cave, Fanyin Court.

Regular ticket: 30 yuan

Address: take bus line 8 or 125, get off at Yanziji and you will get to the destination; subway line 1 get off the Maibuqiao – then transfor to line 8 and get off at Yanziji – get to the east entrance of the Muyanbingjiang Scenic Area

Special nates: On October 28th, only people older than 60 can enter for free with valid ID.

Bodhidharma Cave

The scenic area is mainly loated in the east of the Wumadu square with the main mountain that are 110 meters above the sea. It is themed as “Bodhidharma Cave”, which is one of the top 48 views in Jinling.

Baima Park free open day: October 28th

The Baima Park in Nanjing is next to the Zhongshan Scenic Area, which best represents the mixture of mountain, water, city, and forest in Nanjing.

Regular ticket: 10 yuan

Address: Crossroad of Longfan Road and Taipingmen Road, Xunwu District, Nanjing

Transportation: bus line 20, 48, 67, 91, 125, 125 intersect, 143, 203, 308, 315, G5

Yanziji Park free open day: December 13th

The sunset at Yanziji is the most famous attraction, it has a total 12 different size caves along the river, which is impressive.

Regular ticket: 15 yuan

Address: No. 3 Linjiang Street, Xixia District, Nanjing

Transportation: you can reach the destination by taking bus line 8 or 122.

Yuejiang Tower free open day: December 19th

Yuejiang tower is located on the Shizi (Lion) mountain of the northeast side of Nanjing. It is known as the top four most famous towers in Jiangnan with Huanghe Tower in Wuhan, Yueyang Tower in Yueyang, Tengwang Tower in Nanchang.

Regular ticket: 40 yuan

Address: No. 202 Jianning Road, Gulou District

Transportation: Get off at the Jianning station of bus line 10, 12, 21, 54, 550, Y10. At the Jinhai Temple, walk 300 meters east along the Jianning Road, you will find the south gate of the Yuejiang Tower.

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