Recommended fried chicken store in Kaohsiung

Now, if you want fried chicken, you don’t have to go to fast food stores. There are many stores that sells only fried chicken. Such as Caseker Fried Chicken. Since it opened in 2013, besides its main stores in Sanduo, there is another one under construction on Jiangong Road.

The store on the Jiangong Road is only for takeout, there is no dining space inside the store. There are benches on the side of the store for guests to sit and wait. It is different than the traditional fried chicken stores, it makes you feel like a fast food store.

The main products here are boneless chicken cutlet, crispy chicken cutlet, chicken nuggets, snacks. There is also combo available for you to choose. It is common to eat chicken nuggets with a little bit pepper. Here, you can try how it tastes like when you mixed chicken nuggets with Thai saurce.

The chicken nuggets are very crispy with the rich flavored Thai sauce, the chicken nuggets taste even special. I like it very much.

The potato is made into flower and fried. The outside is crispy, the inside is soft. Besides pepper flavor, there is specially made sauce.

The freshly made crispy fries are very crunch. It is recommended not to sit the fried for too long. Otherwise, the fries will become soft.

The crispy cutlet takes 15 minutes to deep fry. It is covered with a thick layer of crispy flour. It is different than the wet powder and sweet potato powder commonly used by the fried chicken stores. It is more like the fried powder used by the American fast food stores.

Once you take a bite, the fried powder will make the crunching sound. The surface is also sprinkled with plum powder. There is also a little bit tomato powder to improve the flavor. Although it is not much, you can still taste it. The chicken meat inside is unflavored. If they can put seasoning on the chicken before frying, the taste of the fried chicken will be better.

The original Cseker Fried Chicken Cutlet is 60 yuan. The boneless cutlet is the signature product of this store. There are many flavors to choose from. For first timer, it is recommended to try the original one first.

The fried powder here is really strong, making that crunching sound. The original chicken leg, the meat is very fresh and soft. If the store can provide extra pepper bags, it might helpful to make the meat inside more favorable.

Address: No. 398 Jiangong Raod, Sanming District, Kaohsiung


Tel: 07-3831123

Opening hour: 15:00 – 23:00

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