New Taipei exhibit featuring global illustrations kicks off

Taipei City Youth Development Office and Taiwan Blood Services Foundation have launched a series of events on March 27th, according to Chinese news resources. On the first floor of the exhibition area is the exhibition for the illustrators hosted by the Dpi Magazine, who have invited six well-known domestic illustrators to make illustrations based on what they have heard and seen on the trip and share the touching moments on the way. Also, through the experience of making traveling handicraft, travelers can record the moving moments on the road.

Dpi design illustration magazine has a history of 18 years, from illustration extended to handicraft, design and other aspects of art. This exhibition will lead by six illustrators: Liao Shu-ti, Cat Fish, BaNAna, Pinkoi, Mia and Reiko, creating works on the theme of Florence, Miami, Bangkok, Moscow, Hawaii and Berlin about the memories and living experiences separately. The marketing planner at Dpi Magazine, Lai Yu-ting mentions modern people are accustomed to using photography to keep a record of the travel. However, it is easy to forget the moment they feel touched, and the purpose of recording the scene they have seen at the moment. “The most direct method is to record it with your hand.” After choosing six popular traveling destinations, through the hands and eyes of illustrators, people can find many little details that easily ignored during the traveling.

In addition to the static exhibition, there are three handicraft experience courses at the scene, including the traveling journey on March 27th, leather ticket holder on May 15th, three-dimensional photo frame on June 12th. The activities hope to expand the perspective and experience of tourists through making the small staffs carried with people during the trip. Additionally, it has invited Liao Shu-ti and Reiko to share their experience at the exhibition and encourage the imagination of everyone about the life and adventures at strange places.

The afternoon’s experience activity will be led by the popular blogger Junjunjun. She will teach the visitors how to make their own traveling handicraft. No complexed drawing technique is the need. The only thing needs to do is to combine the various materials collated from the trip, which can transform the memories into concrete images. “Different that the journal sold on the market, the self-made traveling journal can be adjusted based on personal preference, and record the every piece of the memories on the road,” Junjunjun says, using her journal as an example, the Tourist booklet, traveling maps, wrapping paper for food, the fallen leaves and flowers and others are materials you can pick up anywhere. After the trip, you can let the memories settle at home while grasping the a few principle of collage, and let the small thing you have collected to become the leading actor of the stories and extend every memorable moment.

“Illustration is the best artistic form that can get contact with general public,” says Lai Yu-ting. He hopes from the exhibition of Taipei City Youth Development Office, people from difference age groups can get in touch with this simple form of art. Simultaneously, it will enable the theme of “Traveling” to show in difference forms and expand people’s understanding about traveling.

“Let’s get started! Traveling around the world with the illustrators” will start to showcase from March 27th to June 26th on the first floor of the exhibition area at Taipei City Youth Development Office (No. 17, Sec. 1, Ren’ai Road, Taipei City).

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