Not just in Taipei! Google Play Mobile Carnival expanded in Taiwan

Continuing last global leading event of “Google Play Carnival” held in Taipei, Google announced the launching of the “Google Play Mobile Carnival” in Taipei Huashan. Besides Taipei, Google Play will continue its tour this year to Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung.

According to the data published by Google, the active global Android users have exceeded 1,400,000,000 per month. Google Play had even reached total downloading of 65 billion in 2015. Google has paid more than 7 billion American dollars to the developers globally. Google play has no doubt acting as an indispensable role in connecting the users, developers, companies and industries.

Based on the “Consumer Research Report” recently released by Google, more than 82% of the people in Taiwan use a smartphone (the number was 67% two years ago). There are 89% of people in Taiwan treat the mobile phone as a personal computer to connect to the internet, higher than the ratio 64% from last year.

Based on the statistics, and compare what the VP marketing of Google Taiwan said, there were over 60 thousand people visited the “Google Play Carnival” hold in Xinyi,Taipei. The entertainment content showed at the scene, and the downloaded number has exceeded million. The operating revenue of the participating companies has grown 5% in one month. It has clear shown that huge mobile business opportunities in Taiwan region.

Therefore, Google Taiwan has taken advantage the great opportunity in the summer, expanding the “Google Play Mobile Carnival”. It is expected more than 100 developers and partners, crossing the areas of game, movie, book and VR, from Friday (July 15th) to September 4th (Sunday). The tour will stay in Taipei, Taizhong, Tainan, and Kaohsiung. And at the scene, the visitors can not only experience the apps for the game, travel, music, selfie, and makeup, even movie, comic, book and other content. Due to the time is also the summer vacation, the various companies will also launch many discounts on the online store.

Google Taiwan pointed out: “Different than last year’s main theme of gaming, this year’s ‘Google Play Mobile Carnival’ activity presents how Google Play changes the lifestyle of the users completely. Let people get rich experience in clothing, accommodation, entertainment, education, social networking, creative and others.”

“Google Play Mobile Carnival” event introduction:

Main stage activity: it will invite several popular mobile games to compete. And it will be live streamed on YouTube. So players can follow the intensive mobile game competition closely without any delay. Additionally, on August 19th, the event in Taipei will have music performance, inviting players to enjoy the gaming music.

Life scene: this event will have game and application, book, comic and movie apps experience zone, displaying how Google Play integrated into the different scenarios of people’s lives in Taiwan.

Gaming zone: From RPG to leisure mobile apps, there are 38 games have participated in this year’s show. Additionally, “Google Play Game Experience Car” will even showcase Tilt Brush, Cardboard, Chromecast, Android TV and large-scale touch screen and new technologies. So players can experience themselves the best sound and lighting effects.

Application zone: this year has a total 29 application apps to participate in the “Google Play Mobile Carnival”, from traveling, music, photo, social networking, and productivity. It will let consumers use the applications on the Google play to complete different tasks in their lives.

Books, comics, and movies: books, comics, and movies are also popular among the users of the Google play. The “Google Play Mobile Carnival” will work with the top publishers and launch the work of short novel and comics at the scene.

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