The Best Places in China for Graduation Trips

There are four important trips in life: graduation trip, honeymoon, trip after quitting jobs, and trip after retirement. Each trip is like a ceremony in life, which are all valuable memories in life.

Now, it is already end of the July. Many people has already started planning their graduation trips. So they can memorize their youth with traveling. Here, it has summarized the best places in mainland China that are suitable for graduation trip. The people that just graduated, hurry up and join. Don’t waste the most beautiful time in your life, when you should enjoy it the most.

Chengdu, Sichuan

“Have a walk on the street of Chengdu with me, don’t stop even if all the lights are off.” – The song “Chengdu” makes a lot of young people fail in love with the city. Chengdu is suitable for slow paced trip. Here, it is the haven for food lovers. While enjoy the view of Chengdu, you can also try all the Sichuan cuisine at the same time. Isn’t this fun? Hot pot, Sichuan Cuisine, Malatang, take the one you love to try all the foods in the streets and alleys of Chengdu.

Zhangjiajie, Hunan

Do you want to prove that you are still young and energetic? Do you want to challenge your body? Then, you should go to Zhangjiajie. Climbing mountain after mountain, crossing the glass bridge, having fun in each corner of Zhangjiajie, you can enjoy the view and prove yourself at the same time. The mountains here has kept its original forms. Even the stone stairs that made by human are still very steep. The scenery here is hard to be described by language.

Hulunbuir Prairie in Inner Mongolia

“Let’s be each other’s company in a city so busy, and enjoy it. Riding horses and race with the wind. We will share the joyful moment of the life.” Once upon a time, this uses to be dream of many people. Then, why don’t you let yourself relax and enjoy for once? Go to the prairie, ride the horse. Blue sky, the Mongolian tent, a group of sheep on the green prairie. Do you want to see such view? Here in HUlunbuir, you can see the blue sky when you raise your head, you can see the green prairie when you look down. You can hear the music coming from the shepherd. Go to Hulunbuir with your friends for once, let your wine and stories, joining the campfire. Let all these give you a perfect ending to the graduation.

Xitang, Zhejiang

The old town Xitang has a thousand years of history, located in Jiashan County, Jiaxing, Zhejiang. Here has rich Wuyue culture. Don’t know if you will love the soft dialect here, don’t know if you are willing to take the boat traveling through the town. The atmosphere here is quiet. Or, you want to walk around and experience the atmosphere with your hear. No matter when you have time, the old town is there, waiting for you quietly.

Gulangyu, Xiamen

Xiamen is a simple, quiet and pretty city. Here, no matter if you are walking or taking a bike, no matter you are staying at the hostels playing with the cats, or lost in alleys, the most beautiful scenes are right in front of you. The roads in Gulangyu are complicated. Wondering around the alleys, you don’t need to think anything. Just let the time flows away from your finger tip, and let your heart melt on this island.

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