Hotels Near Great Wall of China – Nearby Rooms in 2016

  1. Commune by the Great Wall (3.9 km from the Great Wall – Badaling)

Address: No. 53 the Great Wall Exit at Shuiguan Badaling Highway, Beijing, China

The Commune by the Great Wall is designed and built by 12 leading Asian Architects. It is the first Chinese architecture that has been invited to participate in the Venice Biennale. It was rated as the one of the top 10 miracles in Chinese Newly Built Architectures by American Businessweek.

The hotel has 12 different style buildings, which are all designed by masters. The bamboo romm designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma is approximately 716 square meters. It has 6 bedrooms with separate bathroom. The tea house that is separated by the slim bamboo is the finishing touch. Through the gap of the bamboo, you can see the beacon on the Great Wall. The “airport” is the work of the Taiwanese architect Jian Xue-yi. He has prioritized the earth and the respect to history in the design. It is the ideal location for hosting private party. The total 4 bedrooms, natural stone made bathtub in the Spa room, 3 conference room extending to different directions, make the room look like the boarding tunnel to the airplane. The 14 meters long corridor is the perfect space for sight viewing. Not only these two buildings, the rest of the 10 buildings all have their own characteristics, which is worth visiting.

This is also kid’s heaven. The commune has specially designed kids zone for children from 3 – 12 years old. They offer a variety of activities: climbing, gardening, cooking, art, handcrafting, viewing stars at night, outdoor swimming and camping. So kids can have their own happy time.

  1. The Juyongguan Great Wall Hotel Beijing (8.8 km from the Great Wall – Badaling) Address: Juyongguan Nan Kou Town, Changping, China

The Juyongguan Great Wall Hotel Beijing is located at the foot of Juyongguan. It is 50 km from the downtown area, and 60 km from the airport. The Badaling highway is right across the hotel. Thus, the traffic is very convenient.

The hotel has well trained employees and the facilities that expected at the four-star hotel. The Hotel has 94 different luxurious guest rooms. It can provide 300 people to eat at the same time, whether they want Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine or Chinese or western breakfast. The rich entertainment facilities and featured tea house, bars and stores will meet you different living needs. The Conference service has different styled medium and small sized conference room. So guests can conduct various business activities in a comfortable and elegant environment, while enjoy the delicious food.

  1. Ruralscape Design Hotel (1.7 km from the Great Wall – Jinshanling)

Address: No. 44-2, Simatai Village, Miyun County, Beijing, Simataicun, China

Life often has two different directions: on the one side, there is always the unplanned traveling. On the other side, it is the life that follows exactly the what was planned ahead of time. In the “Most Beautiful Chinese Village” – Simatai Village, Ruralscape Design Hotel seems to have it both ways.

The so-called design is by MoChen. MoChen’s design use to introduce glass wall in the No. 9 Shideng Hutong, which made the “glass box” in the Hutong. The breathing walls, light pipes, wind insulation door and other green technologies has created a “zero” energy consumption building. In two years, the resort was finally released to the public.

Wheat-colored courtyard is constituted by the 22 separate villas. 22 guest rooms use transparent fireplace and polished wood background wall formed the rarely seen delicate modern style. You can wake up by the birds in the mountain, or the sunlight over your face.

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