Group wedding of Austronesian people to kick off in Taiwan

The event “Group Wedding of Austronesian people, bond in Dawu Mountain” has entered its 11th year. Each year, the event has attracted many couples from domestic and abroad to sign up. This year, it will be held during March 5th to March 27th. The opening ceremony will commence on March 5th at Makazayazaya’s Kubav (Barn) in Rinari. During the event, a series of great activities will be carried out in Makazayazaya, Vedai, and Timur. Tourists from all over the world can grab this opportunity to discover the distinctive culture of the indigenous tribe and the beautiful scenery of the tribes.

Maolin National Scenic Administration Bureau says, the main activity of the wedding event will start at 8 o’clock in Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park. A total of 10 couple will get married under the witness of Dawu Mountain. Maolin National Scenic Administration Bureau and Makazayazaya have prepared varied activities to welcome the newlywed and guests to fill the tribe with a romantic atmosphere. The couples could make their romantic and blessed promises here, creating the best memories of their life. The entrance tickets required to enter the Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Culture Park costs 150, but visitors can purchase discounted tickets for 80 at the four tourists’ center under the Bureau with the event’s flyer that are available on request at Makazayaza, Vedai, and Timur.

The Group Wedding of Austronesian people filled with the custom of indigenous hosted in turn by Makazayazaya, Vedai, and Timur. The central theme is based on traditional noble weeding. Each year, each tribe will use their own tribe as the theme to hold the wedding ceremony. This year the wedding will follow the ritual of traditional Paiwan wedding: bride and groom leave their home, proposing ceremony, receiving the dowry, making the swing with the woods cut the day before, giving bride-price and the final marriage ceremony. The people at Makazayaza will organize the ceremony for the couples as they are their own children. So newlyweds will not only have beautiful memories but also return fully loaded.

The event “Group Wedding of Austronesian people, bond in Dawu Mountain” has entered its 11th year. Till now, it has witnessed hundreds of couples walking into marriage. This year, the event also combined with the Taiwan Quinoa Organic Market, Tribe Cultural and Ecological Tour Package. Thus, tourists can feel the happiness of indigenous culture. Vedai’s cherry blossom is blooming now. To promote the photography contest organized in Vedai, people can participate in the contest with any pictures that is related to stone houses. Running activity is organized in Timur on March 26. You can call the relevant office for registration.

Maolin National Scenic Administration Bureau says very Saturday and Sunday during the event, tourists bus services are provided from Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Culture Park, passing Rinari to Liangshan Recreation area and designated stops along the line, giving the convenience to the tour. Additionally, the Bureau hosts “Coming to the wedding, try your luck” and “Visiting the tribe, try your luck” activities, so visitors have the chance to win iPhone 6s, cannon camera, 7-11 vouchers and many other gifts. For more details, please go to Maolin National Scenic Administration Website.

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