Guangzhou Subway Tests Designated Female Passenger Carriage

Today is the 20th anniversary of Guangzhou subway. Starting from the rush hour in the morning, Guangzhou Subway will start testing the carriage designated for female passengers, which kicks off the celebration for the birthday. Journalist have visited at the scene. On the first trial day, Guangzhou Subway has dispatched a large number of staffs and volunteers to help. The waiting order is good.

“Carriage designated for female passengers” the guidance is clear

Today at 7:10 am, journalist has come to the Xilang station. When arrived at the station, the radio was reminding the related information about the “carriage designed for female passengers”. In the middle section of the station, there is arrow indicates the direction for the female carriage on the wall. In the last carriage, the pink floor sticker is attached on the floor. Outside the carriage, the “Carriage designated for female passengers” is on the wall. Inside, the female elements are filled all over the place. The red kapok is “Blooming” all over the window. This is the sea of flower that bellows to female.

According the arrangement of the subway company, starting from June 28th, weekday between 7:30 to 9:30 and 17:00 to 19:00 (not open on holidays), the last carriage of line 1 driving to Guangzhou East Railway Station, and the first carriage of line 1 driving to Xilang (Both sides 2-5 screen doors) are the designated female carriage. During these time, the carriage is only for female passengers. In the rest of the time, the carriage is used as normal.

Today at 7:30 am, with the coming of the rush hours in the morning, the female carriage is put into used officially. In front of each screen door, there are smiling volunteers who have the sign for “female carriage” to direct passengers. Journalist has visited many station on line 2, each station has several staffs and volunteers dispatched to direct the passengers at the scene. At Huangsha station, there are staffs standing in the hall of the subway with the sign for “female carriage”, reminding the male passengers to take the subway using the stairs in the middle section.

There are female citizens come with their friends to experience the carriage designated to female, facing journalist’s camera, she said: “only if the line 3 also have it.” “I will take the female carriage from now on.”

There are male passengers mistakenly walked into the female carriage

For the carriage designated for female passengers, there are female passengers who do not care much. They chose to wait at other carriage.

At the same time, after the female carriage is officially put into use, there are still male passengers, who do not know, enter the carriage. Some passenger will leave after reminded by staff. But when the door is going to close, there are still male passengers who rushed into the female carriage. And the staffs don’t have time to remind them.

“Carriage designated for female passengers” is not compulsory

Guangzhou subway says, the female carriage is more advocating in the nature. They hope to promote the civilized concept of “caring for women, respect for women” through the long-term advocating.

“Don’t take the purpose of setting up the female carriage simply for preventing harassment. It is more about advocating for the concept of caring for women and respect for women. So, everyone can ride the subway with pride.” The Guangzhou Provincial CPPCC members Su Zhongyang, who has proposed the female carriage told the journalist of Yangcheng Evening News that the female carriage is just an advocating and moral constraints. It is not compulsory. “Hoping that when people see the female carriage, it has effect of reminding. Feeling the temperature of the city.”

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