One-day Trip in Tainan – The Delicious Foods of Guohua Street

Guohua Street is not very long, which is about 2 km. The road is not wide neither, but it has fostered the memories of Tainan People. The foods everywhere have satisfied residents and tourists. If you don’t know what to eat, here is definetly the first stop to try food. The Book “101 things to do in Taiwan” published by Japanese Mangazine – BRUTUS didn’t choose the common Taiwan snacks, Taipei 101, or Jiufeng as the cover page, instead, they choose the street view of Guohua Street in Tainan. It has caused a lot of discussion, which also make Guohua Strain gained fame again.

Guohua Street is about 5 minutes away from Tainan Railway Station by biking. Choosing public transportation or rental cars is both convenient. Most visitors’ purpose of visiting Guohua Street is “eating”. After all, there are too many foods worth testing in Tainan. A lot of famous restaurants are located on Guohua Street. The Guohua Street, Minzu junctions on the cover page of the magazine alone has Jinde Spring Roll, Fushenghao Savory Rice Pudding, A’song Guobao, Stewed Fish Head, Oyster omelet and others. Each restaurant has a bunch of supporters. A few more steps, you will find Lu Noddle, Spaghetti, beef noodle soup, rice roll and others.

Ancient styled noodle restaurant

The A’rui Noodle hides inside the big market. With a few old wooden stool and wooden table that shine under the sunlight, welcome the guests. Many people like to order the dumpling spaghetti, on which there are a few dumplings and a few slices of lean meat. The chewiness of the spaghetti and the unique flavor with the port make it fulfill. Even though it is not the top graded food, but it has the old flavor. Drink with the chives broth supplied, you will feel warm in the heart.

If you like such flavor, another outdoor restaurant next to the Hujin Songwang Temple is hidden in the more private part of the alleys. In the night, there is also a lot of people once it opens. The tables and chairs gain the sense of mysterious under the street light. The small triangle shaped store is filled with staffs, who are busy with ordering. The rightly done noodles have rich flavor. The must-recommend pork ears by locals are sliced into thin pieces. Dipping them in the spicy sauce, works best in the breeze in the evening.

Thinking that the spaghetti is not special? The rice noodle soup, where you can find the big chunk of squid, is also the food in Tainan that you need to line up for. The Ye Family and Qiu Family are all famous rice noodle restaurants. With the sound of a bowl of rice served on the table, several squid meat and chewy rice noodle, the dish looks very attractive. You don’t need a lot of sauce to taste the sweetness of the squid and the chewiness of the rice noodle. The sweet soup is the landmark flavor on the street in Tainan.

The street of culture and art, you can reach in a few steps.

After you are getting full, walk around a little bit around the Guohua Stree. There is the Hai’an Road and Shennong Street loved by young people, which is five minutes away from the shooting place of the Japanese magazine. You can digest the food in your stomach. Inside Shennong Street, there are many stores that combines the culture and art with the old house. Even though it is not as busy as Guohua Street, café, hand-made products, and market for culture and art are all here. Even if you just wander around, it is still fun. If Guahua Street is about “eat”, then Shennong Street is about “Culture and Art”. Both has its own fun.

With the lazy sunlight, stepping on the stone road, you tend to slow done. Each building has different styles that tells the stories of the time to the air. Smelling the air here, you feel like calming down. If you come in the evening, there are bistros and pan-fried food restaurants here, which are the location for friends gathering.

Besides Shennong Street area, including Cheqian Building, Tianhou Temple, Confusion Temple, Shuipingyun Park and other places, they are not too far away from Guohua street. The Hayashi Department Store, used to be the tallest building in Tainan, has witnessed the prosperous of Tainan during the period when Taipei is under Japanese rule. When you are tired, you can continue centered around Guohua Street. There is shrimp roll, fried oyster, grass tea, Douhua and others to fill each traveler’s stomach.

The good food that you won’t get if you are come here late.

To meet the demand of the market, Tainan has many beef noodle soup. Most closes shop on Tuesday, same as many old restaurants. Some popular stores have long lines even before they open up. Additionally, even though many restaurants have clear opening hours, each day ends when “everything sold out”. Eating snacks in Tainan, you have to wake up early and be patient, which are the premise. But after long waiting, the sweetness of the human touch and the delicious food make the food worth waiting for!

If you want to go to:

Furong Restaurant (A’rui Spaghetti)

Address: 25 Alley 16th, Sec. 3 Guohua Street

Hujin Songwang Temple Noodle Restaurant

Address: 168 Sec. 2 Guohua Street

Ye Family’s Squid Rice Roll

Address: 142 Sec 2 Guohua Road

A’song Gebao

Address: 87 Sec. 3 Guohua Road

A’juan Lu Mian

Address: 87 Sec. 3 Guohua Street

Xi’an Biandan Dou Hua

Address: 157 Sec. 3 Guohua Street

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