Hamburgers in Taipei

There are many different burger joints sprouting in Taipei. As long-time expats we tend to frequent different places in order to get our burger fix, and in this article we would like to share with you our top choices and why.

Gordon Biersch

Not only does GB have overall awesome food ranging from salads, fish, pasta and steak, it also cooks up big burgers that can be accompanied with an assortment of cheeses, vegetables and tasty garlic fries. We also really like the beer selection at GB, which is usually brewed fresh and on tap, with a variety of tastes and sizes. While not a traditionally a hamburger place it is a well recognized restaurant from the west that aims to uphold the same reputation. Food costs are slightly higher but there are no tips, so eating out here is both tasty and enjoyable.

The Diner

While we usually go here more often for brunch, we actually really like the burger section and tastes. There is even a veggie burger option and the set meals are reasonably priced. The set meals are accompanied with a drink, fries and salad, all of which taste good, and the drink can also be swapped for a milk shake for an additional NT$60. The boss of this restaurant, which now has a new location by Vieshow in downtown Xinyi District, previously worked as a chef in the US before returning to Taiwan to open his own diner so the food is pretty authentic.


Also located in Xinyi District right out of the 101 MRT station across from the trading center is this restaurant. Not only have we talked about the French toast at this place as one of our favorites we also think the burger selection is pretty good. The thing we don’t quite like is that most meals come with sliced fried potatoes and not French fries but this can be changed. We think if the Xinyi GB and Diner are packed this is your next closest place in the area for a solid meal.

Dan Ryan’s

The quality of this place is similar to that of a typical grill you would visit in the US and has overall a very traditional menu of Western dishes including hamburgers. They don’t take many chances in taste at this restaurant, which makes it safe yet not as exciting to visit compared with the others. However, this is one of the few places in Taipei that pours Guinness on tap so we have to give it a shout out.

Rabbit Rabbit

This place has some of the most annoying decorations we have seen in Taipei due to its excessive amounts of rabbit figurines and pictures, which on the other hand, is a major selling point for the restaurant and all the girls who want to take cute selfies. However, they surprisingly cook up a wide variety of tasty burgers, with flavors ranging to curry, bacon and cheese among others. A set meal is probably the cheapest of all the ones mentioned so far and is a decent place to check out once if you happen to be in 東區 (East District) in Taipei.

Burger joints that we avoid

Despite its burger quality being unique and for the most part tasty, we now refrain from going to KGB largely due to the ongoing staff that is neither competent nor friendly. Most of the Taiwanese who work there are air headed girls who are usually chatting on their phones or with other waitresses rather than paying attention to the customer. They often also appear annoyed if you call on them and often screw up your order. Lastly, we have a major taboo for speaking Chinese to Taiwanese and having them reply in English, which the KGB staff does nicely and then some to the point where we want to get up and leave.

We also don’t like Forkers due to their menu changes and recent decision to tack on the 10% service charge that is supposedly for the staff members but in reality goes to other the restaurant. We didn’t think they would sink to that level but they did, and so therefore Forkers can literally stick a fork up its ass for that.

Also, avoid Brass Monkey. The food there is awful. Last time I ordered cheese fries I was given a plate of semi-warm fries that seemed like they were heated in the microwave along with a cold cup of cheese that seemed like it was scooped out of a cheap cheese dip jar from the fridge. Lame. All the food there is crap in my opinion but the place is nevertheless popular for its Guinness on tap and older women to hit on.

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