The world of Hayao Miyazaki at Huashan, Taipei

This summer, you don’t need to go to Tokyo to enjoy the classic scenes in Hayao Miyazaki’s animations. United Daily News has planned for five years and gathered the masterpieces of Hayao Miyazaki for the “Special Exhibition of Studio Ghibli’s Animation World”, which will be opened on June 18th. However, it may not be aware by most of the people. Many classic scenes in Miyazaki’s animation are inspired when he was walking inside the Edo-Tokyo Zoo. He is particularly fond of the caterpillars in the park.

The organizer “Special exhibition of Studio Ghibli’s Animation World”, United Daily News says, nine animations with over 23 classic scenes show in large scaled three dimensions. The exhibits are all designed, produced, and then shipped to assemble in Taiwan. Fans can walk into the bathhouse with the Chihiro Ogino in Spirited Away, taking the metro with the faceless man, waiting for the bus with Totoro. You can definitely have a blast taking photos.

In fact, the inspiration of the bathhouse, where Chihiro Ogino worked, is coming from the Bathhouse in Eco Tokyo Zoo. The Department Head of the business activity at Studio Ghibli, Momoya Shinzan says rumor always have it that the inspiration for the scenes in the Spirited Away is coming from Jiufeng, even some Japanese. However, Hayao Miyazaki has never been to Jiufeng.

Momoya Shinzan also mentioned, besides bathhouse, there is a stationary shop. The interior design is the prototype of the workshop of the grandfather boiler.

Because the Edo-Tokyo Zoo is very close to the Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki always looks for inspirations in the Zoo. Momoya Shinzan says Miyazaki prefers the mixed style of Western and Eastern architectures. The similar architectural styles can be found both in Totoro and Spirited Away.

“Because there are a lot of insects in the Zoo, Hayao Miyazaki likes coming here.” Says Momoya Shinzan. Miyazaki likes insects, “the more disgusting, the more he likes. And there are a lot of caterpillars in the zoo. The mascot “caterpillars” of the Edo Tokyo Zoo is also designed by Miyazaki. The new short animation produced by Studio Ghibli is also using caterpillar as the main character.

The Special Exhibition “Studio Ghibli’s Animation World” hosted by United Daily News will be exhibited at Huashan Creative Park from June 18th to September 18th. The tickets will be sold on UDN’s website ( at 250 yuan for the early bird on April 11th. The purchasing with CTBC Bank Card will enjoy 5 percent off. The souvenir tickets for four people sells at 1,200 for a limited number. For detailed information, you can contact customer services at 02-7737-8282#2. Group tickets can be purchased at (02)8643-3955. For more information, please visit or search on the Facebook for “Special Exhibition of Studio Ghibli’s Animation World”, following the official fans page.

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