Taipei City Council making headway on new construction

The Taipei West Portal Plan initiated by the governor of Taipei, Ke Wen-je, including the demolition of Zhongxiao Bridge ramp, making the old “North Gate” see the lights again. Also, the old City Council Building, known as the “ten billion worth haunted house” has been torn down. But what can you do with such a big empty spaces?

The Taipei West Portal Plan took another building down. New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government announced on 10th, the old Taipei City Council Building demolishing project, greening and beautify project has been completed yesterday. And it is now open to public to visit today.

The old Taipei City Council is located in the essential section of the Southwest side at the intersection of East Zhongxiao Road and South Zhongshan Road. After the Taipei City Council relocated to No. 4 Section of Ren’ai Road, it was taking over by Zhongzheng First Precinct, Taipei City Police Department. It has been kept vacant ever since the Zhongzheng First Precinct, Taipei City Police Department moved out of the City Council. The vacant old Taipei City Council was criticized as “ten billion worth haunted house”.

The New Construction Office says, the project starts last year on November 24th. The construction of fences and safety corridors on the peripheral was completed on December 5th. Under the requirement from the Urban City Development Bureau on the preservation of culture relics inside and outside the City Council, the preservation was completed on February 2nd this year. It has kept 5 conference tables, 1 rostrum, 2 wall lights, and 6 exterior wall aluminum sheets.

The New Construction Office also says, the building structure of the old City Council started to demolish on February 2nd and completed on February 25th. Later on, the land was prepared, the pedestrian lain was built, the construction side was beautified. Today, on 10th, it has started to open to public use.

The total green area is about 1,400 square meters. It has 7 streetlights, three security cameras for the police use. The police also set up police patrols to increase the security inspection. After the project has completed, City Government has made appointments with company to do regular cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, visitors can have a safe and comfortable environment for relaxing. The New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government has also posted the picture of the New City Council in the night with lights on, adding one more place in Taipei for people to go in the evening.

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