Health Benefits of Chinese Tea

Tea, known as one of the most commonly drank liquids in the world behind straight up water and alcoholic beverages, has increasingly gained the attention of many westerners not only due to its diversity in taste and flavors but also because of the many health benefits it contains.

 Out of all the health benefits in tea, polyphenols, catechins, theanine and polysaccharides are among the most heavily studied within teas such as green and puer due to their cancer prevention and cardiovascular reduction functions. Green tea is also known to help lower blood sugar, reduce stress and aid in tooth decay prevention while puer is particularly known for its fat reducing capabilities.

The website has also outlined in detail that drinking tea aids in fat loss, as once a drink such as puer tea is induced, increased metabolism and even increased heart rate occurs. The body is also said to act like a sponge for sucking in fat while some reports from the website have quoted Chinese medical doctors as saying that tea merely acts as an accelerator for weight loss. Regardless of the reason, the evidence points to an effective method for helping keep digestion smooth and fat burning up.

Other teas also have beneficial functions including sleep aid. For many people who suffer from insomnia and anxiety, drinking tea such as GABA has been proven to help the body relax and enter an almost sleepy state of mind in which the mind is able to calm down and increase clarity. Puer is also a great choice as is many herbal teas that are from organic sources.

Choosing where and how you get your teas, however, is just as important if not more than picking the right tea for a certain result, as non-organic teas will reduce health benefits and possibly even reverse any possible positive side effects. If you happen to be in China, the nation posts annual rankings of the best tea dealers for consumers to know what is the most trusted brands out there.

However, if you happen to be outside of China and would like to order reputable tea that hasn’t been tainted, a professional site such as that includes a variety of reviews and updates on the latest tea developments may be your best bet. The site lists the pluses of buying loose leaf tea versus tea bags and describes in detail what the different benefits of teas are ranging from white, black, green and puer.

While tea may seem like a complicated thing to get into, it also has its simplicity. Coffee drinkers will know there are many complex ways to make coffee but there are also many simple and fast ways as well. Tea is no different. Using tea pots and loose leaf tea are your best choice but teabags that contain quality tea are also an option.

 Medical professionals in the West have only just begun to scratch the surface in tea research and in fact if you Google health benefits of tea most of the results are from medical journals, which also indicated the vast majority of the public are not aware as well. Like many Chinese customs/characteristics/food etc., it only becomes a matter of time before they catch on in the West, which can be seen from acupuncture and Taichi.

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